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The Best Experience in Central America - Manawakie Eco Nature Park

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

When we think of Honduras, we don’t often think of the island in the Caribbean Sea, but this week, we are traveling off the coast and out to the adventurous island of Routan. It is a small island that is just a two-hour flight from Miami, Florida. Routan is only four miles wide and 38 miles long, with under 100,000 people living there full-time. This tiny island destination has a laid-back but hard-working lifestyle that makes it, unlike any other experience. Routan is the perfect destination for learning more about eco-tourism and all of its incredible aspects of it, including being immersed in nature and seeing a completely unique side of a destination.

This spot on the island of Routan that embodies the eco-tourism experience is Manawakie Eco Nature Park. This park allows you to see the daily culture of the people of Routan and the landscape and nature that have made the island thrive. In this blog, we'll dive into the incredible wildlife you'll encounter while exploring the park.

white-faced Capuchin monkey, honduras
White-Faced Capuchin Monkey


There are two varieties of monkeys at the Nature Park. The first is the most common monkey found in Central America, the white-faced Capuchin. They are most commonly found in Costa Rica and Panama, where the forests are older, and there is plenty of water for them to thrive during the dry season. Unfortunately, these monkeys were captured and sold and taken from their natural habitat in many areas of Honduras, but at the Nature Park, they have found a new home. The second specie of monkey that you will find at the park is the Spider Monkey. This species is shyer than the white-faced Capuchin. They will often run high into the trees. They are very social monkeys and typically spend time in groups.

three-toed sloths, honduras
Three-Toed Sloths


A unique and lovable rainforest animal is the three-toed sloth who live in the trees at the Nature Park. Their bodies are designed to naturally hang upside down for long periods. This has created adaptations where their organs are fixed in place and don't shift as they move. The sloths need a hot and humid environment to ensure their bodies function as they should.

scarlet macaw, Honduras
Scarlet Macaw


The two primary birds at the Nature Park are the yellow-headed parrot and the scarlet macaw. The bright colors of these birds make them difficult to miss. The macaw is the official bird of Honduras and can live up to 80+ years in captivity. They are the largest of the parrots, and it has been reported that they have a child's intelligence and require similar stimulation with toys and activities to keep them entertained. You'll see the birds out of their cage and explore the area they live in. The yellow-headed parrot looks similar to the scarlet macaw but is completely unique. They have an incredible ability to sing. Some can even perform Opera pieces. They are considered the companion of the Amazon for this reason. At the park, you could also see their birds interacting with visitors because they love the attention and stimulation that they receive from the visitors.

The wildlife is just the tip of the iceberg at Manawakie Eco Nature Park. There are other sights to see and experience that you can enjoy on the island of Routan. Schedule a consultation today to have all of your questions answered and plan your perfect trip to this beautiful island.


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