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Costa Rica; A Small Country With So Much To Offer

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Summer vacations are for everyone, whether it is a huge family, a happy couple, or a solo traveler. It is the time of year when everyone gets to rest, relax, and reenergize. Most people have their go-to spot. That spot may be the mountains, a beach, or the big city, but never an all-in-one; and at times, that can ruin the fun. Maybe it is time to plan a trip to a new place that can offer all of these activities and more. Perhaps it is time to plan a vacation to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small Central American Country between Nicaragua and Panama. It is known for great coffee, being the happiest country alive, and not having an army. This miniature country is home to more than 500,000 types of wildlife, 200 volcanic formations, and 30 national parks. It is the ideal place to spend time hiking, surfing, or hanging with animals.

cocoa farms, costa rica
Cocoa Farm

First and most importantly, the best part of Costa Rica is its native people. Everyone there is friendly, helpful, and hard-working. When you are planning your trip, remember to check out all of the local attractions. Costa Rica's primary source of income is tourism, so many native people own companies that offer adventures for tourists. There are locally owned cocoa farms (farms that teach visitors how chocolate and coffee are grown and harvested), rum tasting tours at local breweries, and shops full of handmade items. Many local business owners are dedicated to offering English brochures, menus, and advertainments to tourists. Costa Rican is always happy to help everyone have a great experience while visiting their beautiful country.

La Fortuna with Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
La Fortuna with Arenal Volcano

While the people you will encounter are lovely, so is the land. There are many different types of land in Costa Rica. There are five mountain ranges in this tiny country, and each one is different. Many of them are volcanos. A great place to check out one of these volcanos is La Fortuna. This small city is home to Arenal Volcano National Park, an active volcano covered in cooling lava flow. While there, you can hike through the national park and up the side of the volcano. This petite town also offers multiple hot springs that visitors can enjoy.

conchal beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Conchal Beach in Guanacaste

If you would rather be in the water, you’re in luck! Costa Rica is sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. There are over 300 beaches for a traveler to enjoy. Many of them are suitable for surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Four main rivers run through the small country if you want calmer water. These rivers are a great place to take on the challenge of white water rafting. Río Naranjo is one of the top-rated rafter spots in the world.

Three Toed Sloth
Three Toed Sloth

Lastly, one of the best activities to plan in Costa Rica is spending time with the animals since many unique species live there. A few of these remarkable animals include monkeys, jaguars, and 900 types of birds. The three-toed sloth is a native animal to the southern part of Costa Rica. In Limon, a tourist can volunteer to help feed and bathe sloths at the sanctuary. Another excellent animal activity is a sea turtle nesting tour. There are a ton of ways to get involved with animals.

This Central American country is the perfect place to plan your next summer vacation. A tourist can meet friendly locals, hike a volcano, raft on the river, or interact with new animals. It is truly a place for everyone. Schedule a consultation to learn more about Costa Rican travel.

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