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Italian Streets

Have you always wanted to explore the world, but have been confused by the many options out there? Do you lack the time to carefully research all of the components of your itinerary? If so, please contact me. I am a seasoned traveler who understands the complexities of stitching together seamless itineraries. I also understand that many people find sifting through the Internet in search of the right cruise ship, excursions or accommodations to be a daunting task. But not me. I truly love planning, booking and diving into the research necessary to pair my clients up with the right itinerary or cruise ship for their traveling style.

I can also share with you my first-hand personal knowledge of many countries as well as destinations in the United States. Over the years, I have traveled to:

  • 80 countries

  • All 7 continents

  • All 50 states

  • Approximately 20 river and ocean cruises


With my travel experience, I can definitely help you choose the right destination for your particular traveling style and budget.


For travel agents like me, every trip or cruise is an educational course. They are live workshops from which we learn valuable information, resources and important contacts that we can then share with you, our client. I’ve also learned how to problem solve on the fly when glitches — such as a delayed flight — have occurred. So, I understand the steps I must take to help you out if something similar happens to you while you’re on your vacation.


I also take formal education very seriously. I am a CLIA Accredited Cruise Counselor, a Certified Travel Advisor from the Travel Institute, an ASTA Verified Travel Advisor.

If you’re ready to book your next getaway, I would love to have a chance to speak with you and discuss the ways I can turn all of your vacation dreams into an itinerary that will be custom designed around your specific wishes and desires.

Enchanted Wanderings is an independent contractor with an Ensemble Travel Group member Rainbow Getaways

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