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Top 5 Museums Can't Miss In Brussels

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Brussels has so much to offer and so many sites to see, but one of the main overlooked things is the fantastic museums. They truly have a museum for everyone in the city. You can see everything from the history of trains to the history of musical instruments along with the typical museums you'd expect to find in the capital of a country.

Musical Instruments Museum Building Facade - Brussels, Belgium
Musical Instruments Museum Building

Musical Instruments Museum

This is one of my favorite museums. The Musical Instrument Museum. It is home to over 1,200 instruments that are found throughout the world. What is lovely about this museum is you can hear what each instrument sounds like and learn the origin of each instrument. You can also find great views of the city. One of the best suggestions I can make is by getting the museum's audio tour because very little of the museum is in English.

Horta Museum

This museum is an art lovers paradise. It was the home of Victor Horta, one of the founders of the art nouveau movement. As you stroll through his house, you'll find stained glass windows, murals, and mosaics. He even left touches of his style in the skylights and handrails. It is an incredible place to take in and learn more about art and architecture.

Museum of Natural Sciences

This museum will keep you busy all day. One of the main things to tout is that it holds the second-largest natural history collection only to Paris. One of the most interactive rooms in the museum is the dinosaur collection. It has the largest male T-Rex on record and 30 complete iguanodons in its collection. This museum is particularly great if you are traveling with young children because it is one of the most interactive museums that I've visited. You won't regret stopping by this museum.


You don't have to be a train enthusiast to appreciate the one-of-a-kind museum. You'll have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the trains, restored trains, and the oldest steam engine in Europe. You'll also learn about how the train's purpose has evolved. This is a great interactive exhibit that will keep you busy for hours.

Sign pointing to the Parlamentarium Brussels Belgium
Parlamentarium Sign


This is like your typical museum, and here you'll learn more about the Parliament in Europe. They have an exhibit where you can learn from the hands-on experience at the podium about what goes into making laws and order in a Parliament. You can also experience what is going on in the European Parliament in real-time. You can learn more about the members, the importance of the European Parliament, and its impact on the daily lives of Europeans. This exhibit only takes about an hour and a half to immerse yourself in Parliament fully.

Learning all about Brussels's museums, sites, and experiences makes it hard to keep overlooking this amazing city. Creating an extraordinary experience is one of the passions that I love to help you with. Now that you are ready schedule a consultation to create the perfect experience in Belgium for you.

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