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Explore Berlin

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

As the third most visited city in Europe, Berlin is an up-and-coming city with so much to offer. You can find unique sites for arts, history, and culture. Berlin is known for the unusual and being entrenched in history at the same time. Berlin is the perfect meeting of the old and new, classic and grungy, and different and conventional. This week we will explore some of what makes Berlin, Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate


Bask in the phenomenal architecture scattered throughout the city. There is no shortage of beautiful buildings that have withstood the test of time. The first one that comes to mind is the Brandenburg Gate, which was once the gate to the city on the road that ran from Brandenburg to Berlin. It has had a varied history, from a symbol of Nazi strength to a symbol of unification as it was rebuilt during the cold war as the East and West jointly restored the monument. The next spot that is a must-see is Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral. On the island, be sure to take in the architecture and make time to explore at least one of the five world-class museums that are showcased there. Finally, the last stop on the must-see architecture is the French Cathedral. This beautiful building was not originally built with a dome but was added after the original construction to offer a stunning panoramic view of the city.

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin, Germany
Checkpoint Charlie


For the history and Cold War buffs, Berlin is chocked full of memorials and sites to see. The first stop on everyone's list is the Berlin Wall, which was once the division between East and West Berlin. East of the wall was the seat of the communist party, and west of the wall was the seat of the Federal Republic of Germany. The one way for foreigners to travel from East Berlin to West Berlin was Checkpoint Charlie. It was the sight of several prisoners and spy exchanges and was the sight of the Cold War's few main armed standoffs. It remains today as a memorial for all of those that lived through those divided times.

Bunker Tunnel, Berlin, Germany
Bunker Tunnel


Berlin is well known for its underground, from its music scene to its actual other world underground. The city has survived through years of oppression within this underground system of tunnels, bunkers, and air-raid shelters hidden below the city. You can travel through the tunnels to see some of the most essential areas from bunker hospitals, mother-and-child bunkers, underground factories, subterranean escape routes from East to West Berlin, flak towers, and even an underground prison.

What are you waiting for! There has never been a better time to visit Berlin and explore this hidden gem of Europe. We can work together to ensure it meets all of your needs, be it old or new, different or conventional. Schedule an online consultation with me to plan your perfect trip to Berlin!

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