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4 Can’t Miss Spots In Brussels

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Nestled between Germany and France, Belgium is an often overlooked destination. Brussels is the county's capital and has many great sites to see. This week, we will be traveling through the highlights of the city and exploring the top spots.

Mini Europe, Brussels, Belgium


Travel around Europe from one attraction in Brussels. Mini-Europe is the only attraction like it in the world. You can tour all of the famed places like Big Ben, the canals of Venice, the historic Mount Vesuvius, and a bullfight in Spain. Many of these exhibitions are interactive and give you a truly unique experience.

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium


One of the great and iconic sites in Brussels is the Atomium. It was built for the World Fair held in Brussels to symbolize the future of science and industry. When you visit today, you can tour through the pipes and spheres to gain some of the most breathtaking views of Brussels. You can learn more about the monument's history and visit constantly changing exhibits when you check out this great attraction.

Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium
Grand Place


The heart of Brussels is the Grand Place. It is known for its stunning Gothic and Baroque architecture. It is just minutes from St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral and Manneken Pis, so it makes it a perfect starting point for any walking tour. It is also an excellent spot to grab a coffee or a drink and just watch people. One thing to note, it's best to do your shopping away from Grand Place because it can get a bit pricey near the square.

Manneken-Pis, Brussels, Belgium


One of the oldest and cutest landmarks in Belgium is the Manneken-Pis. The literal translation of Manneken-Pis is "little man pee". It is a small statue of a little boy relieving himself into the fountain. This fountain is a replica of the original statue that dates back to the 17th century. The small figure has even been kidnapped multiple times. Beware of crowds, but this is a cute sight to see.

Now that you have had a taste of the city, schedule a consultation to start planning your visit.

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