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Explore Egypt

Updated: Apr 17

The Pyramids at Giza
The Pyramids at Giza

More than just pyramids and Pharos, Egypt is full of unique places to explore and take in. My favorite way to see Egypt is to cruise down the Nile. You’ll take in all the cities and while you are there, see some of these great excursions to immerse yourself in Egypt fully.

The first stop is to take in the local culture with a local family on Elephantine Island near the port city of Aswan. Here you’ll be immersed in the Nubian culture, learn the language, and sample local specialties. This is a uniquely Nubian experience full of color and hospitality. Be sure to try the Bird’s Tongue soup if they serve it, as it is a local delicacy.

Then soar to new heights in a Hot Air Balloon ride over Luxor. On this ride, you’ll take in and soak up the famous temples of Karnak, Queen Hatshepsut’s, plus several more spectacular ruins. This is a must-see way to experience the sunrise over the ancient city of Luxor.

In Cairo, you’ll find The Hanging Church and the Amr Ibn Al-‘As mosque. The Hanging Church is a unique experience. It is built on top of the gates of an old Roman fortress. Modeled after Noah’s arc, there are two architecturally stunning bell towers. Inside, there are beautifully inlaid wooden panels just below the images of Jesus and his disciplines. The original cedar panel doors are housed in the British Museum. Amr Ibn Al-‘As mosque the first built in Egypt. It’s also the first in the entirety of Africa. Not only is it the oldest mosque, but it was also the very first capital of the new Islamic state and a gathering place for troops during the conquest of the Prophet of Muhammad.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar is a must-see in Cairo. This medieval-style outdoor shop has everything from trinkets to homemade soap powders and semi-precious stones. This conglomeration of shops is arranged around small courtyards. In addition to the squares, there are three distinct sections of gold sellers, coppersmiths, and spice dealers. So if you can’t find what you are looking for here, the merchants will be sure to find it for you.

Venture off-road In Giza on a quad safari adventuring through the desert. After playing in the desert dunes and sand, you stumble across the monoliths, the Pyramids of Giza, and the Sphinx. Here you’ll explore around the monuments to a time past and take in a panoramic view of the pyramids. I highly recommend taking this in at sunrise to see all the beauty the desert and the pyramids have to offer.

You can spend more time in the water by SCUBA diving in the Red Sea! While underwater, you will see beautiful coral reefs, bright-colored fish, and shipwrecks! This sea has gorgeous sites to enjoy underwater, but the salt content is higher than in other seas. The Red Sea has the highest salt content of any ocean, so a diver can easily float! It is truly a dive like any other. This scuba experience is perfect for first-time divers or any seasoned diver. It is a great way to spend any day in the city of Hurghada!

Have you added Egypt to your travel bucket list? I don’t blame you! Schedule an online consultation with me to plan out your best trip.


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