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Discover The Newest Wonder Of The World – Petra, Jordan

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Petra, Jordan has been a long-lost wonder of the modern world. A city that dates back to before the Roman Empire and has played a vital role in trade routes, the capital of the Nabataean Arabs, and one of the most influential archeological sites to date. Petra was an undiscovered city from the time it was abandoned until the 18th century when a Swiss explorer disguised as a Bedouin Arab was taken into the ancient city. After this, the city had quickly entered the eyes of the west and continues to attract visitors with its beauty, unknown history, and architecture.

Petra Treasury, Jordan
Petra Treasury

Explore Petra

When you visit Petra, you'll discover that it is half built, half-carved out of the mountainside. As you first enter the city of Petra, you'll enter through a crack in a mountain into a whole other world. As you head through the split in the rock, the treasury rises out of the rock, and on down, you'll pass the by the Street of Facades. Further, into the city, you'll find an ancient outdoor theater with steps that lead to the top of a mountain to the high place of sacrifice, and then you can head to the Garden Tomb and Garden Triclinium.

Petra at Night, Jordan
Petra by Night

Petra by Night

Petra is stunning during the day, but it truly comes alive at night. Petra at night is one of the most spectacular sights I've ever seen. When you go into the city and up to the treasury, you'll stumble across a sea of candles. It is like traveling back in time to when Petra was the trading capital of the world and did not have electricity, which continues to this day. Once you take in the lights, you can enjoy bedouin tea and listen to a story of the ancient city, a few melodies on a traditional flute or a rabab. This is a great experience that should not be missed in Petra.

Glowing Petra, Jordan
Glowing Petra

Glowing Petra

Petra is typically open between 6 am and 6 pm. It is perfect at specific parts of the year to catch a beautiful sunset or sunrise over the ancient city. Catching the gorgeous red rock in the glow of the sun. One of the great things about catching the town at this time is that you generally get to experience the city without the crowds. If you have the time, be sure to experience the glowing city of Petra.

Now that you are ready to be transported to Petra, schedule a consultation and let's get you there.

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