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Zurich – Top 4 Destinations for a Long Weekend

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Traveling to Switzerland will transport you to another world full of adventure and wonder. The luxury capital of this magical place is Zurich. Zurich is known for its high-end shops, a financial capital, home of the Swiss Army Knife, and endless amounts of artwork. Zurich will keep you busy whether you are there for the long weekend or a while. From Lake Zurich to Old Town, you will be able to create the most memorable trip of your life.

Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland
Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus Zürich

To start your long weekend in the luxurious city, I recommend stopping by one of the many museums to travel through time and space. The largest and possibly one of Zurich's most significant museums is Kunsthaus Zürich. It is the largest art museum in Zurich and is home to artwork from many centuries. The artwork ranges from iconic pieces of art to multimedia experiences. You can move from one building to the other, taking in all of the awe-inspiring art. The museum truly has it all, from Andy Warhol to Swiss artist Franz Gertsch. Spending the day in this art complex will keep you busy for sure.

National Museum, Zurich, Switzerland
National Museum

National Museum Zurich

If art is not the type of museum you enjoy, I also love to stop by the National Museum Zurich to gain a deeper understanding of the Swiss culture. You'll be guided through the cultural history of Switzerland and discover hand-crafted objects, everyday life, and other socially relevant exhibits. You'll find a great exhibit on the first floor that dives into the beautiful city's history from a unique perspective. This is even a great place to stop by if you have a hard time finding that perfect souvenir. The gift shop is full of local artisan work to serve as a great story and memory.

Old Town Zurich, Switzerland
Old Town

Old Town Zurich

The next must-visit on any trip to Zurich is a trip to Old Town. The neighborhood will transport you to another time and place. In Old Town, you will have the opportunity to explore many cathedrals from the Renaissance era. As your walk down Niederdorfstrasse, the main thoroughfare in the neighborhood, you'll find cafés, shops, and restaurants. Another main attraction of Old Town is the Fraumunster Church, where elegant stained-glass windows will take your breath away. Even if you are out for an evening stroll down these pedestrian-only streets, this is one excellent way to experience Zurich.

Lake Zurich with the Alps in the background, Switzerland
Lake Zurich with the Alps in the background

Lake Zurich

Before heading out from your long weekend, you can soak up Switzerland's outdoor wonderland. Zurich is no exception. One of the most unique outdoor destinations in Zurich is Lake Zurich. The lake is a long narrow lake that sits just on the NorthWest corner. There is so much to do both on and off the water. Enjoy the lake like a local by biking around the promenade to soaking up the sun on the grassy beaches. As a visitor, you can rent a paddleboard for the day or make it more of an affair by renting a boat to take in the lake. You can even take a boat to monastery island in the spring and summer. No visit to the lake would be complete without taking a dip in the lake or a steam in the Sauna.

Your weekend has sadly come to an end in the luxurious town of Zurich. It has been packed full of amazing sites, stunning views, and one-of-a-kind experiences. This is my favorite way to spend a long weekend; work with me to plan yours. Schedule a consultation with me to create your perfect trip.

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