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Lucerne, The Lion, The Mountain, And A Glacier

Your eyes are closed, and you take a deep breath and finally relax. When you breathe out, the air is fresh; you open your eyes ad you see a beautiful blue river, inspiring mountains, and architecture from medieval times. At this moment, you are glad that you took the chance to visit Switzerland, especially Lucerne Switzerland.

Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland
Chapel Bridge in Lucerne


Switzerland is on many must visit lists and cities such as Lucerne are the exact reason. This old city offers more than any traveler could expect. This is a one-of-a-kind destination and is a great place to learn about Switzerland’s culture and everyday life. However, it is also a great stop to experience the unique side of this beautiful country,

Lucerne Lio, Switzerland
Lucerne Lion

Lion Monument

The first incredible stop to check out is the lion monument. This astonishing sculpture was finished in 1821 to remember the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. This sculptor is different from others because it was sculpted inside a cliff and has a list of all the fallen soldiers underneath it.

Glacier Garden, Lucerne, Switzerland
Glacier Garden

Glacier Garden

The next stop to check out is the Glacier Garden. This distinctive spot was once a subtropical sea over 20 million years ago. Since then, it has created multiple holes in the ground that have revealed numerous fossils and palm fronds. It has offered scientists the ability to better understand sea life from the past. The best part about this exhibit is that it is hands-on and provides a replica model of Switzerland for visitors to enjoy.

Mount Pilatus Cable Car, Lucerne, Switzerland
Mount Pilatus Cable Car

Mount Pilatus

The last and highest stop to enjoy is Mount Pilatus, or as the locals call it, Dragon Mountain. This 6,982 feet tall mountain is not only beautiful but is connected to folklore. The story is that the mountain was originally home to many different dragons with the power of healing! Make sure to take the “Dragon Ride” to get to the top.

Lucerne is truly a unique city that offers something for every traveler. It is surrounded by mountains that touch the sky and crisp, clean water. A traveler can experience breathtaking medieval buildings, great food, and everything else that Switzerland offers in this city. However, it is vital to make sure to check out the unique parts of the city, the lion, the mountain, and the glacier.

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