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Wanderlust Unleashed: TV Shows That Inspire Your Next Adventure

As a seasoned travel agent and advisor, I've had the privilege of witnessing countless travelers embark on epic journeys inspired by the magic of television. Television shows have a unique ability to transport us to far-flung destinations, igniting our wanderlust and encouraging us to explore the world. In this blog post, I'll introduce you to four captivating TV shows that will fuel your desire to travel.

"Game of Thrones" - A Journey Through Westeros and Beyond

Set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, "Game of Thrones" offers a visual feast of stunning landscapes that are very much real. From the icy landscapes of Iceland, which served as the backdrop for the North Beyond the Wall, to the historic city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, standing in for King's Landing, this series beckons adventurers to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of these destinations. Embark on your own quest to discover the real-world locations that made "Game of Thrones" a sensation and uncover the mysteries of these captivating landscapes.

 Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

"Outlander" - Time-Traveling Romance in the Scottish Highlands

"Outlander" transports viewers to the rugged and enchanting landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. The show's historical drama and time-traveling elements provide a unique blend of adventure and romance. After watching Claire and Jamie Fraser's epic love story unfold against the backdrop of castles, moors, and lochs, you'll be compelled to pack your bags and experience the charm of Scotland for yourself. Follow in the show's characters' footsteps and immerse yourself in this timeless destination's rich history and breathtaking scenery.

Loch Long Argyll and Bute Scotland
Loch Long Argyll and Bute, Scotland

"The Crown" - Royalty and History in England

For history enthusiasts and admirers of regal elegance, "The Crown" is a must-watch. This series delves into the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, showcasing the grandeur of Buckingham Palace, the picturesque countryside of Balmoral, and the historic landmarks of London. A journey through England inspired by "The Crown" promises a blend of history, culture, and sophistication. Explore the iconic sites featured in the show and better understand the British monarchy's legacy.

Buckingham Palace, London, England
Buckingham Palace in London

"Chef's Table" - Culinary Adventures Across the Globe

While "Chef's Table" may not be a traditional travel show, it is a delightful journey through the world's culinary landscape. Each episode profiles a renowned chef from various corners of the globe, offering a glimpse into their creative process and the cultural influences that shape their cuisine. This series will awaken your taste buds and inspire you to embark on culinary adventures around the world. Whether it's savoring street food in Bangkok, indulging in haute cuisine in Paris, or experiencing the spice markets of Istanbul, "Chef's Table" will ignite your passion for gastronomic exploration.

Street Food in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Street Food

Incorporating these TV shows into your travel inspiration list will infuse your next adventure with excitement and anticipation. Remember, as a travel agent and advisor, I'm here to help turn these dreams into reality. Whether you're drawn to the mystique of "Game of Thrones," the romance of "Outlander," the historical significance of "The Crown," or the culinary delights of "Chef's Table," there's a world waiting to be explored.

So, grab your passport, pack your bags, and let the magic of television guide you to unforgettable journeys. Schedule a consultation today to plan your next adventure inspired by these captivating TV shows. Your wanderlust is about to be unleashed!

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