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A Modern Day Kings Landing - Dubrovnik

Updated: Apr 17

Sliding off into the waters of the Adriatic is the beautiful country of Croatia. In their modern history, it was a member of the former Yugoslavia to independence back to Yugoslavia and communist rule and finally to independence in the 90's from Bosnia and Serbia. Perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring destinations is the city of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik is tucked away in the southern-most region of Croatia. This city dates back to the 13th century when it became one of the most crucial sea powers of the Adriatic. Throughout much of the Roman Empire, it rivaled Venice as the most popular seaport. One unique feature about the city is that a wall surrounds the entirety of it. This and much more make Dubrovnik a must-visit when you are in the region.

Dubrovnik City Wall, Croatia
Dubrovnik City Wall

City Walls

The first stop when in Dubrovnik should be the famous city walls. These fortifications offered protection from invasion and still stand today. You can walk along the mile-long structure that varies in height from 13ft to 20ft, spotted with towers. Minceta Tower, Fort Bokar, and St. Lawrence Fort are the most famous. I recommend doing this wall walk to check out a city from a unique view and learn more about what made this city great.

Stradun Street, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Stradun Street

Stradun Street

Stradun Street is another one of the must-visit stops in Dubrovnik. As the main street of Dubrovnik, it divides the city between north and south. It started as a canal that connected both the east and west access to the town. The channel was filled in and created the pedestrian-only street that stands today. As you walk along this street, you'll find cafes, shops, and restaurants. One of the gems you'll find along the walk is the main square, Sponza Palace. This hotspot was built in the 16th century as the center of activity in the historic city. The Palace still serves a purpose as the home of the National Archives today.

St. Blaise Church, Dubrovnik, Croatia
St. Blaise Church

St. Blaise Church

St. Blaise Church is the final must-see of this high-level list of destinations in Dubrovnik. This baroque-style church was dedicated to Saint Blaise, who was identified by medieval Slavs with the pagan god Veles. This church may strike you as familiar if you have been to Venice, as the church was built by a Venetian architect who modeled St. Blaise after the Church of San Maurizio. This unique church has one room on the ground floor with a flight of stairs that leads to the opening, decorated with statues of angels.

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia
Old Town Dubrovnik

Kings Landing

Dubrovnik is a must-visit destination for Game of Thrones fans as well. When visiting, you'd see that the city reminds you of a famous spot of the Games of Thrones. That location is Kings Landing. Most of the scenes for Game of Thrones were filmed in Dubrovnik. For those super fans, I recommend taking a walking tour of the city for the hot spots from the series.

As a top destination not only of Croatia but also Europe, Dubrovnik is a city you cannot miss. Start preparing for a lot of walking and schedule a consultation to plan your perfect trip to Dubrovnik.


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