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Top 5 Must-Have Foods & Drinks in Amsterdam

This week we are traveling across the Atlantic to the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. As the Venice of the North, Amsterdam sits at the mouth of the River Amstel. Today the city is full of canals that wind through the city, making it an incredible place to explore and spend time relaxing on vacation. You can find the Van Gogh Museum, the state museum, Rijksmuseum, with a vast collection of Dutch Gold Age art, and even the Anne Frank House, all in the heart of this city.

While there are so many sites to see and activities to do and explore, there is also a culinary scene that is reason in and of itself to visit the stunning city. You will find food from around the world in 5-star restaurants and bar food.

Bitterballen Netherlands Amsterdam Food


These delicious treats are the go-to snack at bars around the city. Bitterballen are balls of stew meat fried and turned into a finger food dipped in spicy mustard. This is a great treat that locals love to share over a few drinks.

Stamppot (Mash Pot)

This traditional side dish is a wonderful mashed-up mix of vegetables, potatoes, and butter. Traditionally, it would also include kale or Swiss chard. More modern versions include other greens like tarragon. My advice is to pair it with a sausage to round out this traditional Dutch meal.

Poffertjes, Amsterdam Netherlands Food

Poffertjes (Mini Pancakes)

An unusual sweet treat for the Dutch are small, sweet buckwheat pancakes covered in powdered sugar. This local favorite is found at stands all around the city. You may be tempted to add sauces like Nutella, but be sure to try it as the locals do with butter and powdered sugar.

Stroopwafel, Amsterdam, Netherlands Food


You may have had these on the flight over or on another adventure, but I doubt they are as good as the Stroopwafel from Amsterdam. These wafer cookies are combined with a sweet caramel syrup known as Stroop. Stroopwafels are best hot off the grill with a warm beverage like tea or coffee. The combination is one of the best experiences in all of Amsterdam.


This popular juniper-flavored spirit may remind you of a gin, but it is completely unique. One of the best ways to try it is by going to a traditional tasting room to drink Genever. If you decide to try this liquor, drink like a local by crossing your hands behind your back and bending over to take the first sip without any hands. After that, you can hold the glass however you like.

Now that you know all of the unique and delicious calls that Amsterdam home, are you ready to try them yourself? Schedule a consultation to plan your perfect trip and discover the wonderful world of the Netherlands.

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