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The Heart of Madrid

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

As the weather is getting a little colder and you are dreaming of your next vacation to warmer weather, dream no further than to the capital of Spain, Madrid. When you think of Spain, you may think of bullfighting or soccer, both of which are very true. However, there is more to this country than that. Madrid is also known for its historical buildings, markets, and the royalty that once lived there. The encapsulation of that can be found in Plaza Mayor.

Aerial view of Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Aerial View of Plaza Mayor


Located smack dab in the center of Madrid, the Plaza Mayor is at the heart of it all. The Plaza traces its origins back to the 15th century. In its earliest days, it was referred to as the "Plaza del Arrabal" and was used as the town's main market. There have been several rebuilds of this Plaza due to three fires, but the importance hasn't faded. Over the years, the Plaza has been home to various events, including bullfights, soccer matches, and even executions in its early days.

Plaza Mayor terraces, Plaza Mayor restaurants, Madrid, Spain
Restaurants at Plaza Mayor


When you walk into the Plaza today, you will find three-story buildings with 237 stunningly beautiful balconies. This Plaza is 423 feet by 308 feet with a total of ten entrances, nine of which you can access the square through. The bottom layer is made of arches and pillars that frame the Plaza. In the Plaza, there are plenty of restaurants that serve tapas and sangria. What a splendid way to spend an evening people-watching.

Statue of King Philip III, Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain
Statue of King Philip III


In the center of the Plaza, there is a large bronze statue of King Philip III. The statue was not originally intended to be in the center of the Plaza. It was a gift from the Duke of Florence in the early 17th century. The original home was Casa de Campo until Queen Isabel II moved the statue to its current location.

This is just one stop of many beautiful destinations that Madrid has to offer. There is plenty to do and see in this stunning city. We can work together to plan a whirlwind trip that will show you all that there is and more to do in the vibrant capital of Spain. Schedule a consultation to plan out your trip today.

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