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Explore Barcelona

Updated: Apr 17

One of Spain’s top destinations, Barcelona is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean. It is a city full of history, architecture, culture, and food. This week we are taking time to explore some of the sites Barcelona offers.

Las Ramblas from above
Las Ramblas from above

Las Ramblas

The first stop is the most iconic street in Barcelona is Las Ramblas. It stretches just under a mile from the old city port to the Plaça Catalunya. Along the way, you’ll discover small alleys that lead to sprawling squares filled with dancing, music, and kids playing soccer. When strolling on Las Ramblas, some iconic places to take in are La Boqueria food market, the Liceu Theatre, Miro’s mosaic, and the Monument to Columbus. Even though it is a top tourist destination in Barcelona, there is so much to explore and discover that often goes unnoticed if you are not willing to get lost.

Roman aqueduct of Can Cua in Pineda de Mar Barcelona Spain
Roman aqueduct of Can Cua in Pineda de Mar Barcelona Spain

Sewers and Aqueducts

Then venture under the city in the old Sewers of Barcelona. Added on in the twelfth century, the aqueducts extended the water through the ancient city. However, in 1886, the new sewer system was built, and many of these underground tunnels were left when the modern-day sewer lines were built. Today, visitors can explore these tunnels that the Romans built thanks to many tour guides. If you ask any guide, they’ll tell you below Passeig San Joan is a must-see.

Eixample District, Barcelona, Spain
Eixample District

Eixample District

After touring the replaced sewers, find the abandoned coal factory, the oldest building in the Eixample District, La Carbonería, which has a unique story of survival. From 2008 till 2014 La Carbonería was the most famous okupa (squatters house) in Barcelona. The residents of La Carbonería painted beautiful murals and, upon an eviction attempt, hung a banner that said: “Cuando una ley es injusta lo correcto es desobedecer” (When a law is unfair, the right thing is to disobey). The residents were evicted in 2014 much to the dismay of the neighbors. The building still stands as a historical and artistic monument of the neighborhood.

Olympic stadium, Barcelona, Spain
Olympic stadium


In 1992 Barcelona held the Summer Olympics, and it was widely considered one of the most successful modern Olympics. The main stadium was repurposed from the original built-in 1927 for the 1929 International Exposition. Today, you can see the soccer team, Espanyol, play. Additionally, you can tour, and explore the Olympic grounds, see where top athletes competed, and take in amazing views of the city.

If you are ready to be transported to my favorite city in Spain, schedule a consultation today. We can plan your perfect Spanish adventure!

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