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Picture it Sicily, 1922 – The Guide to Sicily Now

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The Golden Girls didn't only offer the humor of the late Betty White but also gave us Sofia's great saying, "picture it Sicily, 1922." She offered funny stories of a beautiful village, fabulous entertainment, and beautiful beaches. Although the show has ended, we can still picture Sicily by making it our next travel adventure. While we're there, we can partake in everything the Golden Girls talked about and make memories that you can share with your friends when you are older.

Valle dei Templi, Sicily
Valle dei Templi


Once you land in beautiful Italy, the first thing you can do is take in the sites. The attractions in Sicily are as diverse as the cultures that settled there. There are seven world heritage sites on the island. These include Mount Etna, Valle dei Templi, and Villa Romana del Casale, three places that would allow travelers to submerge themselves in the history and culture. Romana del Casale is a Roman villa that offers you the chance to see the most extensive collection of mosaics in the world. Once you take in beautiful art, you can visit Mount Etna, the active volcano. There, you will learn about the island's legends, myths, and folklore. Valle dei Templi is the excellent end of a day of site seeing.

Teatro Massimo Palermo, Sicily
Teatro Massimo


In between all the sites, take a second to enjoy Sicily's entertainment. Sicily is home to the third-largest opera house in Europe. Teatro Massimo is hosted by Palermo, offers over 1200 seats, and offers an array of music and theater. The theater is known to have fantastic acoustics. The theater stages have had many composers play on it including, Salvatore Sciarrino and Silvio Amato. Sicily also offers beautiful literature that can be found all over the island. A great way to take a break is to stop at a local book store and read through local small stories and poems. In many spots, a visitor can find people telling the history of Italy with oral stories. Lastly, you can take in a sports event. Sicily has multiple local football clubs, a race car track, and a rugby league. If you want to participate in sports, you can always go for a swim, scuba, or snorkel.

Zingaro Reserve Sicily
Zingaro Reserve


Finally, the best way to relax is at one of the many beaches around the island. Zingaro Reserve is a great first choice. It runs four miles along the Gulf of Castellammare on Sicily's northwestern tip. The reserve offers many small beaches, open bays, and abundant hiking trails. Another beach to relax on is San Vito Lo Capo. This beach is a long strand of white sand, beautiful palm trees, and clear ocean waters. Luckily, it is next to Zingaro Reserve, so you don't have to go far. However, if you are up for a further trip, you can visit Mondello. This beach is only 15 minutes from the capital city of Sicily, Palermo. This beach offers a view of colorful houses and boats. It is an excellent spot for families to enjoy their vacation. Every beach has something different to offer to tourists.

There are many great ways to have an adventure in Sicily. The island is beautiful, vast, and full of culture. It is a travelers dream with beautiful sites, many astonishing beaches, and all types of entertainment. Schedule a consultation to find your perfect trip; whether you want to deep dive into the architecture, discover new books and poems, or sunbathe on the beach, every visitor can enjoy Sicily.

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