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5 Tips for Traveling to Venice, Italy

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The Grande Canale in Venice, Italy
The Grande Canale in Venice, Italy

Venice is an incredible travel destination and a bucket list destination for most travelers. But it can also be a difficult city to navigate when you don’t know anything about it prior to arrival. The key is to prepare and do ample research before embarking on your trip so that the destination can feel less daunting and more enjoyable. Here are a few tips to help you as you make your travel plans.

1. Get the timing right

It’s best to visit Venice during the shoulder season. The off-season is usually from November to March when the winters are cold and the risk of floods is high. The shoulder season consists of months outside this cold and wet time, usually March/ April, and October/ November. These months are generally less busy and have decent weather.

2. Find the perfect neighborhood for your stay

Searching for accommodation can be a head-scratcher. Scroll through Venetian neighborhoods to find which locale has the best to offer you. Do your research and pick your stay according to price, location, convenience, etc.

3. Rise early, nap, stay out late

Once in Venice, be sure to get up early to soak in all that the city has to offer. The fun doesn’t end at sundown, though – Venice has an incredible and active nightlife which you should be sure to check out. Hit the hottest tourist destinations either earlier in the day or later at night to avoid the crowds.

4. Skip the crowded restaurants

This tip is especially for the restaurants along Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal. While these restaurants can be picturesque, you’ll have to pay a hefty price just to be seated there. More often than not, the crowded restaurants with waiters ushering you in are the ones that prove to be the most mediocre culinary experience. Instead, go down small streets and less touristy spots for better, local food for the soul.

5. Befriend a local Venetian

As is the case with most popular cities, you’re more likely to enjoy your stay in Venice if you can get an insider’s look at the beloved city. A local Venetian would know all the best-hidden gems of the city, guiding you farther from the crowds and closer to local delights and underrated sights.

This beautiful city has lots to offer in terms of food, culture, sights, history, and people. Be prepared to explore at your own pace and even get a little lost! Some of the best experiences are had when you don’t necessarily know what you’re looking for or where you should look. Venice is a special place that should be explored with childlike wonder and a determination to see more than the most sought-out.

Ready to start planning your Italian vacation? Check out this post on Rome and schedule a consultation today.

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