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Olomouc – The Second Prague

As the sixth largest city in Czechia (formerly the Czech Republic), Olomouc was once the capital of Moravia. It has been preserved well because it is protected by an urban monument. This city, located on the Morova River, is considered even more beautiful than Prague and far less crowded. In addition to being a beautiful city, it is also home to the second oldest university in Czechia, Palacký University. The university is the heart of the city, with over 25,000 students causing the city to have the highest density of students in Central Europe.

Saint Wenceslas Cathedral Olomouc Castle, Olomouc, Czechia
Saint Wenceslas Cathedral, Olomouc Castle

Olomouc Castle

One of the highlights of the city is Olomouc Castle. It is one of the most famous castle sites in the city of Olomouc. Located in Wenceslas Square, the castle was built in two phases, with an Old Castle and a New Castle. It was built to include religious buildings, including cathedrals and chapels. If you visit the castle today, it would not resemble the original castles at all. The castle's significance has resulted in constant changes and improvements to the complex. The Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum calls the castle complex home with several permanent exhibits.

Church of Saint Anne,  Olomouc castle, Olomouc, Czechia
Church of Saint Anne, Olomouc Castle

Archdiocesan Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of Olomouc, this is the place to visit to learn everything you could ever want to learn. The artifacts that this museum has on display take you through the original foundations of Olomouc Castle and other developments through the Gothic and Baroque Periods. This museum is a great way to spend the day, and if you want to add on another great museum, there is a combined ticket to both the Archdiocesan Museum and the Olomouc Museum of Modern Art. These combined are a great way to slow down your trip and truly enjoy everything that the city has to offer.

Old Town Olomouc, Czech Republic, Czechia
Old Town Olomouc

Old Town

In the heart of the city is what is considered Old Town. Like many of the cities in Czechia, a square is at the heart of this neighborhood. This square is the Upper Square. There are endless historical landmarks to explore and take in as you visit this area. Some of the highlights are the stunning Town Hall, which is home to an Orloj, an astronomical clock that highlights the shift to Socialist design from other architectural designs of the city. Another must-visit in Old Town is the Holy Trinity Column. In 2000 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Holy Trinity Column is a memorial column from the 18th century. It was dedicated to the strong religious connection between the community and the architecture.

As we've explored the second Prague, I'm sure you have plenty of questions about how to visit and explore this incredible city. Schedule an online consultation with me to learn more about getting to, getting around, and where to stay in the stunning city of Olomouc.

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