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Off The Beaten Path Dublin

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Ireland is full of excellent sites. There are many more attractions that get overlooked. This week we are traveling to Dublin and off the beaten path.

Hungry Tree, Dublin, Ireland
Hungry Tree

Hungry Tree

This tree in Dublin never got the memo that Ireland is known for it’s Bangers and Mash. Instead this 80 year old tree has been slowly eating a cast iron bench that has stood in its growing path. You won’t be able to sit here as the entire back of the bench has been consumed by the tree. Be sure to stop and see this oddity if you are visiting The Honorable Society of King’s Inns, which is the oldest law school in Ireland.

Oscar Wilde House, Dublin, Ireland
Oscar Wilde House

The Oscar Wilde House

Oscar Wilde grew up in Dublin, and his family home still stands as it did back then. In addition to being his family home, it was also his father's optometry practice. You can visit the house run by American College, and there are guided tours from April through September. On the tour, you can stroll through their dining room and even the surgery hall.

Meeting Place, Dublin, Ireland
Meeting Place

Meeting Place

Two women with shopping bags sitting in one of the busiest shopping areas in Dublin is not abnormal, but what makes these two women unique is that they are carved from bronze. The statue is known as the meeting place. It is meant to symbolize ordinary life in Dublin, and a tribute to the women in the city. The statues are located near the Ha'penny Bridge, close to the center of the town. In 2017, the women were given voices, and their stories can be heard on the Talking Statues of Dublin project.

Saint Audoen’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland
Saint Audoen’s Gate

Saint Audoen's Gate

The last remaining portal to medieval times in Dublin is Saint Audoen's Gate. It once protected the city from invaders. This is the last standing portion of the wall. You can walk through the restored piece and adventure through a meandering pathway to discover older parts of the lost city wall when you visit.

National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland
National Museum of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland

Museums may not be considered off the beaten path. However, this museum is like a museum within in museum. The National Museum houses more than just the animals and other Irish artifacts. It has been unchanged since the Victorian era. Many of the taxidermy animals are over a century old. One of the most famous is a Polar Bear with bullet holes in it.

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