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Look Up! It's A Castle

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Everyone has a dream destination they want to travel to. Mostly those places are exactly what you would expect to hear. "I want to go to Paris, New York, Sydney, or London" is what you will listen to dreamers say. While these locations are movie-worthy and great tourist spots, there are many other great places to see and explore. So why not plan an adventure very few talk about? Why not visit a site you don't know?

One great place to adventure is Liechtenstein. This tiny country is snuggled in the Alps and bordered by the Rhine river, also known as the largest river in the country. This country is one of the few with no armed forces or national debt. It is full of wineries and vineyards that are within walking distance from the town square. However, the coolest fact about Liechtenstein is that it is the world's largest producer of false teeth. More than 60% of the world's dentures are made and shipped from this little unknown country.

Vaduz with the Alps, Liechtenstein
Vaduz with the Alps


While there is a lot to choose from while planning your next vacation, it is important to remember to add Vaduz to your vacation schedule. Luckily, Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein, so it is easy to get to. It is also the home to the reigning prince and his royal family. The royal family has been in the seat for over 900 years and is more than welcoming of any tourist.

Government House, Vaduz, Liechtenstein
Government House

Official Buildings

When visiting, it is a must to see the official buildings of the town. These buildings include the Government House, City Hall, and the National Art Gallery. All of these buildings were built in the original architectural style of the country. This gives tourists a chance to take in facilities that are over 100 years old but still look like they did when they were built. What a great time to take a walk!

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein
Vaduz Castle

Vaduz Castle

However, the best known building in Vaduz is actually the Vaduz Castle, which is a must-see while on your Liechtenstein adventure. This beautiful castle was built in n the twelfth century and is still home to the royal family today. This castle was originally a fortress to help protect the city. You will have to look up to see it because it is 120 meters or around 400 feet above the actual town, but don't worry, it can easily be seen from miles away. It is bound to catch your eye!

Vaduz Town Square Liechtenstein Government House Liechtenstein Parliament
Town Square with Government House on the right and Parliament on the left

Town Square

Another great stop in Liechtenstein is the town square. This is the place to buy your friends’ and family's souvenirs and a great place to eat. These brick roads are covered in colorful flowers and dim street lights. The town square has something to offer everyone that visits. Plus, it is a great place to talk to a local who will happily share interesting facts and great trip ideas. The town square is in the center of Vaduz, so you are bound to end up there at some point.

While this is a short list of things to do in Liechtenstein, many more weren't mentioned. This teeny tiny town is a great place to take in the fresh mountain air and simply relax. However, if there, it is important that you take the time to enjoy the view of the castle and the official buildings. This gives you a better idea of how Liechtenstein has grown in the past nine centuries. Liechtenstein is full of friendly people, beautiful mountain views, great food, and exquisite architecture. Book a consultation today if you are ready to learn more and step out of your travel comfort zone.


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