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Food & Wine in Georgia

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Located in Eastern Europe, this country has strong historical and cultural roots. The country is the highest in Europe because of the Caucasus Mountains. The highest inhabitable city in Europe, Ushguli, is located here. Because of the mountains and its location, there are twelve different climate zones here, ranging all the way from semi-desert and sub-tropical to high alpine. Can you guess where all of this magic lies? The answer is Georgia, which makes it the perfect destination for everyone.

Kvevri, clay wine jugs in Georgia


There is much to do and see in the heart of the capital, Tbilisi, but the food and wine here are what they are known for. Georgia is known as the birthplace of wine. Georgian wine is unique not only because of how long they have been making it but the way that it is made. The traditional way of making wine in Georgia is using the Kvevri, or clay jars, to ferment the wine. Finding a wine you like in Tbilisi is easier than finding chocolate in Belgium. They have a wide variety of wines that will fit any pallet. The wide variety of grapes that the climate offers makes their wine so extraordinary.

Sighnaghi, Georgia, Kakheti region
Sighnaghi, Georgia, Kakheti Region

The best place to go to find wine is just a short distance from Tbilisi in the Kakheti region, famous for its historic wine-making region. By visiting this area, you can find more than three-fourths of all the country's grapes and four specific kinds of wines, Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Teliani, and Mukuzani. The best way to experience this is on a tour of the region. My favorite takes you through several villages that produce their own type of wine, and it wraps up with a wine tasting from one of the largest producers in the region. Once you've had your fill with wine, it is time to explore Georgia's fantastic food offerings.

khachapuri, bread dish in Georgia


The main dish from Georgia is khachapuri, a bread dish that is a staple with every family that can be made in many different ways. Most commonly, it is stuffed with Georgian cheese. This delicious bread will stick in your memory long after returning home. Some other traditional meals are khinkali, Georgian spiced meat dumplings, or shkmeruli, a chicken and garlic sauce. These classic dishes make Georgian cuisine an unique food destination and make it one not to be missed. Finding delicious restaurants and bread shops on the corner are great ways to try this traditional food. Still, Georgians are so welcoming that cooking in their home is a great way to learn more about this culture and how to make traditional Georgian dishes.

Now that you've learned more about Georgia's wine and food culture, it's time to plan your perfect trip! Schedule a consultation to plan your ideal trip to Georgia.

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