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Finland is Fantastic

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It can be hard to figure out where to go on your next adventure. The world is a beautiful crazy place, and there are so many things to do, see, and experience. While there are many must-see destinations like London, Sydney, and New York, there are also unique destinations such as Finland, the happiest place on earth! This Nordic utopia offers something for everyone, including over 150,000 clear blue lakes and the world's cleanest air. Finland is the perfect adventure for any traveler.

Helsinki Market Square (Kauppatori), Finland
Helsinki Market Square


The best place to start your trip in Finland is Helsinki, the capital of Finland and home to more than half of the country's population. This stunning city is modeled around St. Petersburg and offers something fun for everyone. While there are many places to visit, it is best to start your visit by the waterfront. The walk along the seaside is the perfect place to enjoy a warm day in Finland. You can stroll through the seven-mile walkways buying ice cream and other incredible novelties. Once you have finished enjoying the seaside, you should find your way to the Helsinki design district, a great starting point to enjoy your stroll around town. Over 200 local eateries and shops can be found in this area. If you get tired of shopping and eating, you can visit The National Museum of Finland. This museum allows a traveler to walk through Finland's history. The nine-room museum offers a visitor the chance to see Finnish jewelry, armory, and medals, as well as learn about Finnish culture and society. This country was once a Swedish Kingdom before it was a part of the Russian empire. There is also a treasure cove that is bound to catch any eye! Lastly, you can finish your day off at Suomenlinna, a man-made maritime fortress spread across seven islands. This beautiful sea structure has been called the most fantastic place in Scandinavia. The Swedish built this green fortress to protect them from an incoming Russian attack. Helsinki is truly the perfect place to start a trip in Finland.

Old Town Tampere, Finland
Old Town Tampere


However, if the capital is not on your bucket list, then Tampere should be. This extraordinary town is situated between two large bodies of water. The fast-moving water helped turn this tiny village into the booming town it is today. Once you are ready to go into town, the Pyynikki Observation Tower should be your first stop. This one-of-a-kind tower can be found on the western side by the world's largest esker or a natural ridge made by a melting glacier. Once on top of this tower, you can take in the gorgeous view or enjoy a doughnut from the shop on the top. After eating all the doughnuts, you can stand and head to Sarkanniemi. This amusement park offers something for everyone. It has five themed roller coasters, an Angry Birds spinner, and multiple other exciting rides. You can also visit one of the many educational attractions within the park, such as the aquarium or the planetarium. If you're looking for a more relaxing way to end your day, you can take in one of the many saunas. In Tampere, one of the best saunas is the Rajaportti sauna. This waterside town is an excellent choice for visiting Finland.

Finland may not seem like a traveler's paradise, but it truly offers something for everyone. Helsinki offers great shopping and old beautiful buildings. At the same time, Tampere offers amusement parks and saunas. Book a consultation today if you are ready to explore this fantastic country.

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