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Exploring Sicily

Updated: Apr 17

This week we are dashing off to the country of Italy. To be more specific, we are sailing our way to Sicily, an island full of beauty. With its coastal towers, grand festivals, and stunning castles, this island is the perfect spot for any traveler or adventure seeker. There is something for everyone there.

Tower Mulinazzo Sicily
Tower Mulinazzo

Coastal Towers

The best place to start your vacation in Sicily is at one of the 213 coastal towers. These towers date back to the 12th century. They were built to protect the island from Barbary pirates trying to raid it. Each tower has its name and is strategically placed to help protect the island. Torre Pozzillo, Torre Mulinazzo, and Torre Capo Rama are just a few of the towers used to protect Sicily. Taking the time to visit a tower will give you breathtaking views of the ocean since most towers were built on hills. You can also step back into history because many of the towers have had little to no updates since being built. Visiting a coastal tower will not only be fun but will also be educational and exciting.

Castello di Lombardia, Sicily
Castello di Lombardia


There are also many historic castles to visit while in Sicily. The island is home to hundreds of castles from past civilizations. Many of these stunning castles can still be explored by tourists. One castle to visit is Castello di Lombardia in the providence of Enna. This castle was rebuilt around the 10th century after the Romans conquered it. It is a seaside castle and is now used for opera shows and concerts. Another castle to explore is Zika in Palermo, the capital city. This castle was inspired by Moorish architecture and was built by King William I of Sicily. It offers a pool in the back and a fully functioning air condition system. Many of the castles in Sicily are open for tourists to visit and provide a great way to experience Sicilian history.

Fireworks Over Catania, Sicily
Fireworks Over Catania


Don't forget to attend one of the many festivals that Sicily offers. One of Sicily's festivals is feast days, when citizens celebrate the saints from their cities. People spend their days feasting on different foods and wines and during this festival marching bands parade through the streets playing traditional music. Each day ends with a colorful firework show. Around Christmas, Sicilians celebrate Presepe Vivente. Presepe Vivente is also known as a living nativity scene. People dress as the holy family and walk about the streets. Many other outdoor festivals are held throughout the year in the town squares.

Sicily is an excellent place for all travelers to experience. It offers astounding history, fun festivals, and beautiful castles. There are many ways to spend your day there, each way more unique than the last. Ready to start planning your trip to Sicily? Schedule a consultation today.


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