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Explore Undiscovered Paris

Updated: Apr 17

Paris is a common destination for many first-time travelers, and many love to keep coming back. There is so much to see, from the endless exhibits at the Louvre to the beautiful gardens at Versailles. You'll never find a shortage of things to do in this beautiful city. This week we will explore the lesser-known parts of Paris for everyone who loves to get off the beaten path.

Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France | Enchanted Wanderings
Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin

This should be one of your first stops when you visit Paris. You'll be able to bring your picnic and experience it like a local along this canal or find a small café to spend the afternoon in. This place is so magical because it is unlike anything you've ever seen. There are some of the greenest parks in all of Paris, Venetian-style footbridges to criss-cross your way through the area, and quaint squares along the canal.

Sewers in Paris, France | Enchanted Wanderings
Paris Sewer

Sewer Museum

One of the lesser-visited museums in Paris, the sewer museum will take you deep underground to the underbelly of Paris. It follows the history of the infrastructure from the dark ages and how the electricity flows through the modern-day city. You'll even find murals of the bacteria that has grown in them. If you look hard enough, you'll even find murals of rats on the wall. This is a unique experience that is a must-do in the city, but wear the right shoes because you may find that it can be a little wet.

Peonies Bouquet at Rungis Market, Paris, France | Enchanted Wanderings
Peonies Bouquet at Rungis Market

Rungis International Market

This is one of the largest markets that you'll ever be able to visit in the world. This international market has a seafood section as large as a soccer field. This market is where the most famous restaurants in Paris find all of their favorite food. You can find a hanging carcass, cherries from Brazil, and peaches from the south of France sold from multiple generation vendors. This market is also home to the largest horticultural market in the world. There are 19 restaurants, a bank, a post office, and even a hotel in the market. This market is so large it even has its police force. I highly recommend booking a tour at 4:30 in the morning, as many of the workers are already in the middle of their day and it is a prime time to experience the market as it should be experienced.

These are just three of the best off-the-beaten-path destinations that Paris holds, and to experience Paris as it should be, you have to live like the locals. Schedule a consultation to begin planning a trip of a lifetime to Paris.

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