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Travel Back In Time - Normandy, France

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Known as one of the most historic battlefields in all of World War II is the northern coast of France, the region known as Normandy. The area is way more than just battlefields. You'll find churches, famous artists' houses and inspiration, and beautiful cliffs. This week we are heading to the beautiful region of Normandy.

Mont Saint Michelle, Normandy, France
Mont Saint Michelle

Mont Saint Michelle

One of the most well-known churches in all of France. It is located off the coast and, at high tide, is surrounded by the sea. The Church was built in the early 10th century with a village surrounding it. Today you can tour the abbey, have lunch in the village, and explore the small island with breathtaking views. I highly recommend taking the audio tours to learn more about the history and the story behind this famed Church. The best way to get to the Church is by walking across the bridge to the small island, but be prepared to wear your walking shoes as it is a bit of a walk. If you aren't up for the walk, there is a shuttle bus from the parking lot where you can be dropped off.

Utah Beach, Normandy, France
Utah Beach

D-Day Beaches

Traveling back to the sixth of June 1944 is a must-do for history lovers and travelers alike. You can visit Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha, and Utah beaches on the coast. If you start in the town of Arromanches, you will start your trip off by visiting two museums that will deepen your understanding of the history. Another particularly moving portion of the area is the American Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer and the Pointe-du-Hoc bomb craters. You can stand where those soldiers stood, walk along the same paths, and breathe the same air. You can make this trip on your own if you have a specific route you'd like to follow, but going with a group is a great way to learn more about the historic area.

Claude Monet's lily pond, Normandy, France
Claude Monet's Lily Pond

Claud Monet's House & Garden

One of the most famous impressionists, Claud Monet, called northern France home. He gained his inspiration from his own backyard. Today, you can visit his home, the garden, and the famous water garden that was the inspiration for one of his most famous paintings. Be sure to take some time to explore the kitchen and the blue sitting room that has been restored down to the last detail to ensure that visitors experience the way Monet lived. It is best to visit the house early in the day to avoid the crowds and take in the gardens in their peak time.

Chalk cliffs at Cote d'Albatre. Etretat, France
Chalk Cliffs at Cote d'Albatre

Etretat Cliffs

The beautiful white cliffs of Eraetat that plunge into the sea have been compared to the White Cliffs of Dover. They are so stunning because you have to hike along the time for jaw-dropping views of the sea or be taken in from the beaches below to see their grand height and size. The views at both sunrise and sunset are beyond beautiful. You could spend the entire day exploring the area, hiking around the cliffs, or taking in the stunning turquoise sea. This stop cannot be missed when exploring the northern coast.

Now that you have learned just some of what northern France has to offer, schedule a consultation to start planning your trip.

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