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Best Palaces in Perast, Montenegro

Updated: Apr 17

Montenegro is a small country located high in the Balkan mountain range and was part of the former Yugoslavia. The landscape and horizon are some of the most stunning in Europe. The rugged black peaks of Mont Lovcen are where the country got its name, the Black Mountain. The country is full of amazing history and has many stories to tell. An old fishing village in the Bay of Kotor is home to some of Europe's most stunning palaces and churches. This town is known as Perast. It has grown significantly since its start in the early 14th century as a fishing harbor. It was then that fortresses and other defenses were built to protect the city. The city's wealth continued to grow and flourish due to trade with Venice through World War I, to being part of Yugoslavia, to 2006, when the city became an independent city of in the country of Montenegro. The population has since dwindled to less than 300 people. But it is an incredibly unique place city to visit.

Old Town Perast, Montenegro
Old Town Perast

As you start your trip through the city, you'll notice it's a bit different than other cities in Montenegro, like Kotor. Parast is not a walled city. It opens up to the plazas and squares right down to the harbor level. The area almost reminds me of Venetian streets and faire. As you wander the streets, you may notice an abundant number large buildings that were once palaces and homes.

Perast City Museum, Montenegro
Perast City Museum

Bujovic Palace

Giving a nod to Venetian history, the Bujovic Palace is one of the most beautiful and notable buildings. It was designed by Giovanni Battista Fonte. The building was gifted to captain Vicko Bujović. He was a major player in the war against the Ottomans. The design features Renaissance-style arches on street level and five balconies. As you walk by the exterior walls, you can see Latin writings and the Bujović family coat of arms. Today the palace is home to the Perast City Museum.

Bronza Palace

Located at the city's western end is the Bronza Palace, where the Bronza family lived for years. This is a notable building because of the defensive towers, oval windows, and a dove coat of arms. Unfortunately, the Bronza family line ended, and the Palace was taken in by the Austria-Hungarian government as the official customs location when entering the city.

Smekja Palace, Perast, Montenegro
Smekja Palace

Smekja Palace

If you are looking to be able to stay in a palace, Smekja is the Palace for you. It is a stunning white palace that sits directly on the waterfront and stands three stories tall. It is said to be one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Perast. You can access the St. Apostle Mark Church in the plaza, which is a stunning feat of its own.

St. Apostle Mark Church, Perast, Montenegro
St. Apostle Mark Church

St. Apostle Mark Church

This modest church dates back to the 18th century. There are many notable families buried in this temple. As you walk by the exterior of the church, you see it is made of Korčula stone. It is decorated with winged lions and bears in the Baroque style as symbols of the Venetian Republic.

St. Nicholas Church, Perast, Montenegro
St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church

The most prominent church in all of Perast, St. Nicholas Church, was the city's center under Venetian rule. The 180 ft tall bell tower stands tall above the city. During the summer, you can climb this beautiful tower to gain a stunning view of the city. Inside, there are several families buried in the chapel.

Now you know the monuments and sites in the small village of Perast. Schedule a consultation with me to explore the rest of the country of Montenegro.

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