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You're a Voyager!
Image by Martin Krchnacek

Prague, Czech Republic

Are you always with your luggage ready to hear 'Bon Voyage'?

Your personality is one unique kind that bridges the gap between venturers and traditional travelers. You love to travel with good company!


As much as you love visiting new places, you wouldn't mind going back to a place you once visited years ago, if not, 3-5 years after, especially if it holds a special place in your heart. 

You value yourself and, most often than not, you prefer having a good hotel, delicious meals, and easy-to-understand transportation arrangements. 


We won't forget to add to it that you love to buy the essential products that are specialties in each destination you travel to! You like to enjoy each moment and take part in each culture and environment you're visiting. 


You're a natural multitasker and this shows that you get around just fine everywhere you go!


We also know you like to spice up your vacation with a cozy stay in a nice resort, boutique hotel, and restaurant!


Some locations that suit your personality will be New Zealand, Czech Republic, Russia, Thailand, Ephesus, and more.

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