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You're a Traditional!
Image by Juan Rojas


Rather than being risky and reckless, you like to take your time to decide what to do! Your actions are often more dependable than other travelers. You're one to stick to your words and keep your promises. 


Your sense of commitment and consistency is very respectable. The way you take interest in others and the manners you have in helping others influences them to gain more stability in life! The trust others have in you is amazing. 


Wherever you are, you're usually quite quiet and easy-going. People don't feel burdened by your presence and you give a very light vibe to those around you, giving ease and comfort.


You prefer to mingle and travel with a group of people. You enjoy the company of others so much that you barely feel content when you're alone!

You're always interested and attracted to good hotels, eye-catchy spots, and sightseeing activities with a good tour guide. These are some of the things you find important when planning a vacation or trip. 


You also like to travel less! Compared to other travelers, you like to go on trips for a lesser duration and frequency, so when you do go on a trip you expect it to be the best!

Your usual preference is somewhere not too far from home, or a similar backdrop like your home environment. You prefer places you can easily drive to! You love leisure and aren't a big fan of taking risks, instead, you like sensible choices with a sensible style.


We know you like to visit popular destinations and places that offer varieties of entertainment! You'd either travel by plane for a quick ride or drive a camper or RV with a family. 


Anywhere you go, you like a comfortable and interesting travel journey! 

We know some places that can ease your inner spirit! 

Here are some locations: Jerusalem, Jamaica, Cancun, and London.

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