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Visit Lima in 4 Days

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Peru is one of the most iconic countries in South America, and topping the list of cities to visit is Lima! Some of the best sights, sounds, and tastes of Peru can be found in Lima.

The main Square in Lima, Peru
The main Square in Lima, Peru

Dive into history on an archeological exploration visit the temple of Pachacamac, Temple of the Sun, and other pre-Incan ruins. Pachacamac was a pre-Incan god that was known as the maker of the Earth. The settlement was built in 200 CE and became the center of religion, culture, and administration. The temples and buildings were respected and recognized through the Incan Empire until 1533, when the Spanish conquistadors looted the temples and tore down the temples and pyramids.

Explore the Parks and squares Parque de Amore & Parque Bolivar in Miraflores, then take a walk through the city of Lima that goes from the Plaza de Armas, the main public space of the city and founding site. Then, you’ll pass through a section of pedestrian crossings surrounded by restaurants and local businesses. Next, you’ll find Arequipa Avenue, well known for its bike paths. Then you’ll take El Malecón to the lighthouse and head towards the main downtown area. This leads you to the most breathtaking walk along the coast (Parque Raimondi), then you reach the Parque Kennedy, the central park. It is known for its giant cats, street vendors, Chabuca Granda Amphitheater, bars, and shops. This 13-mile round trip walk will show you the beautiful sites and parks of the Miraflores.

You can’t stop in Lima without tasting the local cuisine. My favorite is to take in a local chef and his family and their homemade cooking. First, you’ll travel to the famous Mercado Numero Uno, a local eco market with stalls full of seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, seafood, and meat. Then, after sourcing your ingredients for dinner, you’ll go back to his apartment to learn about the history and culture of Peru and how the terrain plays into the food and teach you the techniques needed to cook your three-course meal.

No trip to Peru could be complete without spending at least four days taking in this beautiful city. Are you ready to travel back in time to an ancient land while enjoying the sights and tastes of modern Peru? Schedule an online consultation to discuss how to get around, where to stay, and ensure you are having the trip of your life!

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