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Turn Your Vacation Into An Experience In Chengdu

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Chengdu, China is most known for its Giant Panda Research, technology hubs, and giant Buddha. This part of China is known as the land of abundance, full of lush green forests and an ancient irrigation system. The region is one of the most beautiful mountainous regions in China. Explore the best that this region has to offer

Giant Pandas, Chengdu, China
Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas are China's national symbol and happen to be extremely endangered. The area of Chengdu is known for its research facilities to ensure that the Panda species thrive. One of the most incredible activities that there is to do near Chengdu is to visit the Dujiangyan Panda Center. There are a lot of places to visit and experience the Panda, but at the Dujiangyan Panda Center, you could have the opportunity to volunteer with the Pandas. At the center, they rehabilitate and reintroduce Pandas back to the wild. This is a once and a lifetime experience, and to be a part of the process to save the Panda population.

Giant Buddha in Leshan, China
Giant Buddha in Leshan

Giant Buddha

Giant Buddha in Leshan stands at 233 ft tall and is the biggest Buddha sculpture in the world. The Buddha is located in the Leshan mountain range that is said to look like a sleeping Buddha, with the Giant Buddha as the heart of the mountain range. The construction began in 723 AD and was not completed for another 80 years. This massive construction would compare to the Statue of Liberty if this Buddha were to stand up straight. One of the most unique things about the statue is the irrigation system. A system diverts the water to prevent the Buddha from eroding over the years.

Wannian Temple Mt Emei, China
Wannian Temple

Mt. Emei

Mt. Emei is considered one of the holiest mountains and is home to Buddhism in China. One of the most impressive temples is the Wannian Temple. This is one of six temples in the sacred range. Wannian is known for the Beamless Brick Hall and the bronze statue of Samantabhadra. Exploring the area for a few hours, you'll find a beautiful bronze Buddha riding a white elephant, the brick hall built of anything but wood. Exploring this area is stunning because of the views from the mountains and the religious importance. There are many ways to get to the top of the temple. My favorite is taking a cable car or hiking to the top.

Now that you know a bit about Chengdu, schedule a consultation to plan your trip.

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