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Tour Perfect Adventure in Madagascar

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

People always go for the same places and activities when planning a vacation. While listening to the waves and enjoying miles of green trees is a great way to relax, maybe it is time to reclaim adventure. A great place to have your next experience in Madagascar.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Madagascar
Ring-Tailed Lemurs


Madagascar is an island that offers something for everyone. However, it is also the ideal place to find adventure. One of the best adventures to have is a safari. Madagascar is one of the top destinations for safari lovers, full of rarely seen animals, including lemurs fossa, panther chameleon, and hissing cockroaches. Many safaris are even along the beach, allowing you to take in some rays while experiencing new exotic sea life. This is the adventure of a lifetime.

Lokobe Nature Special Reserve, Madagascar
Lokobe Nature Special Reserve

Lokobe Nature Special Reserve

Another great adventure is Lokobe Nature Special Reserve. This adventure is located in the center of the stunning Lokobe National Park. It will give a visitor the chance to spend the afternoon hiking through an authentic tropical rainforest. This is a perfect way to stretch your legs after the boat ride to the island. Once you have finished your long hike, you can sit back and enjoy the sunset on one of the island's beautiful beaches. However, if you are still up for an experience, you can always hang with the locals and feed wild lemurs bananas!

Tsarabanjina island near Nosy Be, Madagascar
Tsarabanjina island Near Nosy Be Beach

Nosy Be Beach

If these adventures aren't what you are looking for, you can always spend the day diving with whale sharks. Nosy Be Beach is a hot spot for these magnificent creatures. There is even a chance to feed them. Make sure to plan this in advance since so many people want to experience this. If whale sharks are too tame for you, you can always visit a crocodile farm while in Madagascar. These farms are plentiful and allow tourists to get an up-close experience with these green scaly animals. They may seem terrifying, but they are externally interesting.

Are you excited to plan an adventure in Madagascar yet? Do you want to spend the evening feeding lemurs? Or maybe you would rather dive in and swim with a whale shark? While these adventures are great reasons to visit Madagascar, there are many other reasons. Schedule a consultation to make this island your next vacation.

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