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Top 4 Unbeatable Souvenirs

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It's the time of year when gifts are top of mind, and there is no better way to share your adventure with your family than souvenirs. Buying souvenirs can be difficult, finding the perfect summary for your trip, which is why this week we are going to cover my favorite souvenirs to bring back for loved ones.


Finding a local food shop is another thing top on my list. This allows you to bring back some of the regional fairs for your friends and family to experience. The best way to understand a culture is through the food and traditions. Finding candy shops where your friends and loved ones can try local candy or foods is one of the best pieces of souvenir advice I can give. Generally, every culture has a different spin on favorites, such as all of the other flavors of Haribo candy you can find in Germany, the home of Haribo gummies. Buying candy can be inexpensive, unique, and won’t take up much room in your luggage.

Handmade Goods

My absolute favorite souvenir to bring back are gifts produced and sold by the locals. Most of the time, there are markets that sell handmade goods. When looking for souvenirs in Morocco, you can always count on hitting up a Medina for local goods that you can't find anywhere else. The best advice on how to find a market is to ask a local, by asking your hotel concierge or your server at a restaurant.

Local Art

Another souvenir that doesn't take up much room and falls in a similar category is local artists' paintings. In many cities, you'll find artists painting regional landscapes or popular tourist attractions. In Paris, France you can walk down Marché de la Creation in Montparnasse, where you can discover new artists and artisans. This is perfect because it supports both a local artist and gives your loved one a unique piece of art that cannot be found anywhere else.

Popular Go To’s

If you absolutely can't find something, the common go to's of T-shirts, magnets, and ornaments. In some locations, you can find hotspots that have location-specific souvenirs. In Jaco, Costa Rica, there are magnets with sloths and beach scenes. The T-Shirts had the saying of Costa Rica "Pura Vida," sloths on motorcycles, or surfers.

Finding souvenirs can be the most challenging part of your vacation, but I hope that this guide can help you avoid those gifts that look cheap or made in China that you can find anywhere. Now all you need is to decide on a destination to find your souvenirs. Schedule a consultation with me to discuss your ideal trip.

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