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Top 4 Museums in Bucharest – The City of Museums

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Romania is a destination that is full of diversity, culture, and history. There is so much to explore, from the breathtaking nature full of wildlife to thriving cities that are some of the fastest growing in Europe. The culture that remains from ancient folklore to being known as some of the best food in the whole continent with its unmistakably homemade feel. All this and more are great reasons to add Romania to your must-visit list for 2023.

The capital city of Bucharest is the largest city in all of Romania. It is situated on the Danube River and has always been one of the main cities of Romania. One of the most notable aspects of Bucharest is its architecture. It is a beautiful blend of Soviet, European, and Medieval styles and will have you enthralled by the beauty of unlikely combinations. This stunning architecture is home to one of the most unique aspects of Bucharest, which are the museums.

With more than 60 museums in Bucharest, it is hard to decide which museums are a must-visit. As this daunting task can be a bit overwhelming, it is important to evaluate what interests you and what you find the most joy out of. In this week's blog, I'll dive into the top museum destinations that the entire group will love.

Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania
Village Museum

The Village Museum

As the country's first open-air museum, the Village Museum lets you experience original houses from Romanian villages. The museum has been welcoming guests since 1936. The museum was originally established to preserve their traditional heritage and culture for many years to come. As you travel through the village, you'll wander through buildings such as old houses, churches, and even windmills and barns that the locals would have used in their daily lives. The museum calls Heratstrau Park home, which is an amazing destination in and of itself as it is the largest park in the city. Due to the Village Museum being outdoors, this museum is best visited on sunny days for the full experience.

Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
Palace of the Parliament

National Museum of Contemporary Art

The National Museum of Contemporary Art is housed in the iconic Communist-era building that dominates Bucharest's skyline, the Palace of the Parliament. This museum is considered the top art museum in the entire city, showing unique pieces from Romanian and Eastern European artists. At different times there are temporary exhibits that you will be able to find new-to-the-scene Romanian artists. In addition to the art inside, the view from the hilltop on which the museum is located is one of the best views in all of Bucharest.

National Bank, Bucharest, Romania
National Bank

The Museum Of The National Bank Of Romania

One of Bucharest's newest museums, The National Bank building, is in the Old Town. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The museum is on the famous Lipscani Street, built by French architects at the end of the 19th century. As Bucharest is the financial capital of Romania, this museum was designed to impress visitors with its ornate decorations, gold leaf conversing, and stunning marble structure, as it represents the most important institutions for the finances of the entire country of Romania. The collections include Romanian coins dating back to the sixth century BC and rare coins issued during World War II that were all but removed from circulation during the communist era. This museum is a destination for the collector and the history lover alike.

Traditional Romanian Dress
Traditional Romanian Dress

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Home to the most extensive collection of Romanian Peasant cultural artifacts, The Museum of the Romanian Peasant has spent years gathering these historical artifacts from all regions of the country. There are over 90,000 costumes, ceramic goods, and other household objects and items on display. Of that amount, around 20,000 are clothing and accessories that reflect the uniqueness and originality of peasant life. On February 24th Romanians celebrate Dragobete, a fair where you can meet local artists keeping the peasant culture and tradition alive.

If none of these fit into your travel style, that is ok. There are over 55 other museums that you could explore. Schedule a consultation to discover more about this wonderful city and all of the additional museum options that would be the perfect fit for your next adventure.


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