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The Best Irish Vacation – Ring of Kerry

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

When you picture Ireland and the rolling green hills, sheep, and horses wandering the fields and stone walls, you are probably picturing the county of Kerry. These famous hills and cliffs will look familiar because several directors have also found the beauty in them, from Star Wars to Harry Potter. If the movie highlights aren't enough for you, there is so much more to offer, and one of the best ways to see them all is the Ring of Kerry.

Killarney National Park, Ireland, Ring of Kerry
Killarney National Park

The Ring of Kerry is a 111-mile drive in the county of Kerry that will wind you through some of the best views of Ireland. One of the iconic stops inland is Killarney National Park. It is considered the top stop on the drive. There are waterfalls, mountain lakes, and dense forests to explore while making the drive. It is more than worth spending a day or two in the national park to hike the beautiful trails, immerse yourself in the towering mountains, and soak in the enormous waterfalls.

Kerry Cliffs, Ring of Kerry, Ireland
Kerry Cliffs

If you want to return to the ocean, one of the best parts of the ring trip is stopping at some of the beautiful beaches. From the Kerry Cliffs to the town of Kenmare, these are all vital stops on the visit. Some of the more stunning views come from the Kerry Cliffs in Portmagee. Here you can see the waves from the Atlantic crashing into the cliffs and enjoy some of the freshest air you will ever breathe. You may also be able to glimpse the famous Puffin Island, where thousands of sea birds seek refuge away from human influence.

Kenmare, Ireland

One of the most colorful cities along the ring drive is Kenmare. The wide array of houses and shops that dot their roads and downtown ensures that it makes the top list of destinations on the route. This is an excellent stop if you want a local pint at Paddy Foleys Pub. This city is a great stopping point to relax along the Ring of Kerry to have the quintessential Irish experience.

Many people drive this road, but one of the most extraordinary ways to take the route is on the cycling tour. Either way that you decide to explore this road, it will create some of the best memories. Let's plan your perfect ring around Kerry County, Ireland. Schedule a consultation to ensure all of these sights are on your itinerary.

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