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Pros & Cons of Group vs Independent Travel

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

As many of us know, traveling can be a daunting task, from planning your destination to the actives to even where you will get your next meal. When people ask me the best way to ease the nerves of finding the best place to grab a bit to eat or lay your head, I always suggest group travel. That being said, group travel may not be for everyone. Therefore, this week we are going to weigh out group travel v. independent travel.


Group: When you are traveling with a group, you will have a set itinerary that ensures structure and punctuality to hit multiple stops on your list. This is wonderful when you have an action-packed list of destinations. Group travel can also expose you to sites you did not realize you would find interesting until you stopped to enjoy the area with the rest of your group.

Independent: When you are traveling as an individual, you’ll find that your itinerary is more flexible, so you can plan to spend more time in one area if you know it will interest you, and less time in another that you can cover in 15 minutes. It also lets you go at your own pace if you have had a tiring day the previous day and would like to take it easy the next day.


Group: As a member of the group, you will often meet new people and form amazing lasting friendships. I’ve traveled in groups as a solo traveler and groups with companions, and the social aspect of the travel is a fond memory. I am still connected to some of the people that I went on group tours with. Traveling with other people creates a unique shared experience and memories that will not compare to those in different situations. My favorite travel stories always mention who was in the story first, not the activity we did.

Independent: There are important times for independent travel where you want to be intimate with your travel companion, from celebratory trips to honeymoons or even your first trip traveling with someone. It is important to understand the situation and your desires. Travel is a special thing to share with a loved one or friend, and this is something that should be understood and accounted for when planning travel.


Group: Price is often a breaking point for travel, and when traveling with a group, that price can be drastically reduced because you are splitting the cost over several people. When you travel in a group, you do not need to book your transportation or accommodation as the group will receive a discount on prices. That being said, you may not always receive the cheapest airfare because you will need to book airfare around the booked travel dates.

Independent: When traveling as an individual, it gives you a bit more flexibility over the cost because you can decide when the perfect time to travel is with low airfare and low hotel costs. It also lets you determine which activities you’d like to participate in and pay for and avoid those you would rather skip. While traveling as an individual affords you these opportunities, there are still missed discounts on large group hotel rentals, bus fare discounts, and other options that would improve the overall price of a trip.

When planning travel, it is important to consider all options, when deciding between a group or a planned individual trip. We can work out what opportunities are best for you and your needs and wants. This is a brief overview of my pros and cons list when I am planning trips for myself and deciding if I want to tackle the trip independently or as part of a group. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the different styles of travel and what will work best for you.


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