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Green Oslo

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

The green capital isn't in Greenland. It is Norway. Norway was awarded the green capital of Europe. It is known for many astonishing views, deep fjords, and freezing cold glaciers. It is home to the longest tunneled road and the cheese slicer. It is also where you will find Oslo. This is the only capital city in the world where you can pick up your Nobel Peace Prize. It is a city full of history, fun, forests.

Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway
Vigeland Park

Green Spaces in the Sculpture Parks

Oslo is known for its sculpture parks, and two that you cannot miss are Ekeberg Sculpture Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park. In Ekeberg, you'll discover a local favorite. There are over 31 sculptures in this park, several of which were completed by international artists. It is important to note that, though this is a fantastic way to experience Oslo like the locals, some of the sculptures are adult-themed. However, over at Vigeland, a Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland has created over 60 bronze sculptures in this incredible detail to the human form. It took over 20 years to complete these art pieces, and they were all donated to the city of Oslo and are now a favorite place to take a picnic in the heart of the town.

Nordmarka, Oslo, Nowary

Travel to the Future

Forest of the Future Library is another excellent way to take in the green space and the future of literacy. One thousand trees were planted in Nordmarka to preserve the presence of books. These saplings were planted for the Future Library, an art project with one part literary time capsule and one part environmental statement. They will feature a year's manuscript for the next 100 years printed on paper made from the same trees. Once written, they will be kept in the Deichman Library in the silent room.

Cannon batteries on Hovedoya island, Oslo, Norway
Cannon Batteries on Hovedoya Island, Oslo, Norway

A City of Islands

Oslo has 50,000 islands that you can visit by short ferry rides. A person can rent cabins kept by locals to spend the night on many of the islands. These islands have multiple attractions that any tourist can enjoy. Most islands have beach access for swimming and sunbathing, while others offer a place for kayaking and paddleboarding. There is even an island that holds historical ruins from Norway's past. There is also an abundance of military history on Hovedoya. There is an island for everyone to discover.

Whether you want to take in excellent art, science, read a book, rest, or island-hop, Oslo has something for everyone. Norway may be cold, but it is also the perfect place for any tourist. Schedule a consultation with me to plan your perfect trip!

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