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Gothenburg – The Unknown City of Sweden

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

On the western coast of Sweden, I found the city of Gothenburg. This is an incredible city and is the second largest in Sweden. This seaside town, combined with a vibrant urban community, makes this destination one worth sending a postcard from. There is something in the beautiful city for everyone, from its botanical gardens to its varied historic architecture and even the largest amusement park in Scandinavia, Liseberg. However, if your time is limited in this stunning place, I recommend spending it at the Universeum.

Universeum is one of the most impressive public science centers in all of Sweden and is a great way to experience science and technology all in one place. As you enter this museum, you will find endless hands-on activities that foster learning and growth, all while having fun. The top exhibits to visit in the museum are the Visualization Lab, Rainforest, Ocean Tank, and Chemistry Lab. There are many other exhibits to explore, but those are my top choices if you are in a short time frame.

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Vislab

One of the most unique exhibits I've been to is the Vislab. It is where research meets your real life and can be visualized in the real world. In the lab, you can see how the new building in your town or even your cup of coffee impacts the world directly. As you move through the five zones of the exhibit, you can see how daily life is all intertwined.

The Rainforest

From Sweden, you can be transported to the far reaches of South America to the largest rainforest in the Universeum. You can visit many locations within the rainforest, from The Kapok Tree and Sloth Mountain to The Canyon and River Temple. As you travel through the Swedish rainforest, you can find species native to the Amazon, including sloths, toucans, and banana and cocoa trees. You will also learn more about conservation and what is required to preserve these fantastic assets for the world.

dinosaur statue outside the Universeum, Gothenburg, Goteborg, Sweden
Ferris wheel and dinosaur statue outside the Universeum

The Ocean Tank

Dive into the largest aquarium in the Nordic countries, and discover more about what is swimming beneath the surface of the sea. In the tanks, you can find native species in the water that you will find just miles from the museum off the coast of Gothenburg. A tank is also dedicated to the ocean dwellers that call the reefs home.

The Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is everywhere and makes up everything. In the Chemistry Lab, you can learn why Mars differs from Earth, how light is transmitted, and other color chemistry. You'll also learn more about how food is chemistry, why soap makes our hands clean, and how chemistry is in the air we breathe.

Skansen Krona Fortress Gothenburg, Goteborg, Sweden
Skansen Krona Fortress Gothenburg

Gothenburg and the Universeum should be high on your bucket list when visiting Sweden. If you are ready to venture to the nordic country of Sweden and learn more about the city of Gothenburg, it's time to schedule a consultation with me. We will ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your time in the north.


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