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Exploring the Uncharted Outdoors of Silute and Plunge, Lithuania

Are you ready to dive into the heart of Lithuania with a trip to Siauliai and Aukstaitija National Park? These destinations, often overlooked by mainstream tourism, offer a tapestry of cultural richness and natural beauty. Let's embark on a journey to these hidden Lithuanian wonders!


Hill of Crosses Siauliai, Lithuania
Hill of Crosses

Siauliai: A City of Sun and Mystery

Known as the city of the sun, Siauliai is a blend of modernity and tradition. Its history dates back to the 13th century, offering a fascinating mix of architectural styles and cultural landmarks. The must-see attractions that we will be exploring in the city are the Hill of Crosses, Siauliai Cathedral, Bicycle Museum, and local culinary delights. On our tour of top attractions, The Hill of Crosses comes in as the first must see. Just a short drive from Siauliai, this mystical hill adorned with thousands of crosses is a sight to behold. It symbolizes Catholic devotion and a testament to the Lithuanian spirit of independence and resistance. The next stop is Siauliai Cathedral.  This Baroque beauty is a must-visit for its artistic interior and serene ambiance. After the Siauliai Cathedral, a stop at the local Bicycle Museum is a must. Siauliai's unique tribute to the history of bicycles reflects its status as a major bicycle manufacturing hub. Finally after you spend some time exploring this iconic city, you’ll have to make time to try some local delights. When in Lithuania, you can’t miss the chance to try "cepelinai," a traditional Lithuanian dish, in one of the local restaurants.


Lake in Aukstaitija National Park, Lithuania
Lake in Aukstaitija National Park

Aukstaitija National Park: A Natural Lithuanian Treasure

Established in 1974, Aukstaitija National Park is Lithuania's oldest national park. It's a pristine natural area known for its deep forests, clear lakes, and traditional villages. The park is known for all of the activities that it features for nature lovers out there. The first way to explore this landscape is through hiking and biking. The park offers numerous trails winding through picturesque landscapes. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or an adventurous bike ride, there's a path for every experience level. If you prefer a different vantage point to explore this park, venture out on kayak and canoe. Paddling through interconnected lakes and rivers, offers a tranquil way to explore the park's aquatic environments. If you’d rather take a minute to explore the wildlife, the park is a haven for bird enthusiasts, with many species thriving in diverse habitats. When exploring the park be sure to take your safety seriously and always stick to marked trails in the national park and respect local customs and traditions in both areas.


Paluse wooden church in the Aukstaitija National Park, Lithuania
Paluse Wooden Church in the Aukstaitija National Park

Once you’ve explored all that nature has to offer, there is an incredible opportunity to dive into the culture. One great way is to visit local villages within the park to witness traditional Lithuanian crafts and way of life. You might even catch a folk music performance or a local festival! The best time to is in late spring through early autumn, which offers the best weather for exploring both Siauliai and Aukstaitija National Park. The park also offers a unique opportunity to stay in more off the beaten path destinations. There are eco-friendly lodgings or home-stays to immerse yourself in the local culture while minimizing environmental impact on this beautiful land.


aerial view of Hill of Crosses Siauliai, Lithuania
Aerial View of Hill of Crosses

So, are you ready to explore Siauliai and Aukstaitija National Park? Pack your spirit of adventure and embark on a journey that promises to be enlightening and unforgettable! Siauliai and Aukstaitija National Park are both travel destinations and gateways to experiencing Lithuania's soul. From the mystical allure of the Hill of Crosses to the serene beauty of Lithuania's oldest national park, schedule a consultation with me to ensure that your journey here will be filled with discovery and awe.


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