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Exploring Santiago

Updated: Apr 17

The bustling capital city of Santiago is home to over 40% of Chileans and one of the largest cities in the Americas. The city is made up of 40 regions that cover almost 250 square miles. The main downtown area is located in the heart of the Santiago basin, which is just above sea level and surrounded by the Chilean Coastal Range and the Andes Mountains. It has long been the heart of Chile, dating back to before the Incans settled the area.

Santiago, Chile Skyline with a view of the Andes Mountains
Santiago skyline with a view of the Andes Mountains


From museums and parks to local markets, Santiago has an abundance of activities to fill your trip. The majority of the museums are located in the historic city center. My favorite way to take in the history of Chile is through the National History Museum of Chile. Another must-visit museum is the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, which focuses on the military uprising and the human rights violations between 1973 and 1990 in Chile.

The night sky in Santiago, Chile
The night sky in Santiago, Chile


Nightlife takes on a whole new meaning in Santiago. The night sky is unlike anything you have ever seen in your entire life. Several well-known observatories offer a unique view of the sky. I recommend visiting at least two of those, one of which will allow you to view the sun and the activity on the solar surface. You will also need to check out the Elqui Domes, which is just a short drive from Santiago. They offer a unique experience with an observatory along with your stay in their domes or hotel. This is an experience that cannot be missed!

Cast Lake close to Santiago, in Andes mountains
Cast Lake close to Santiago, in the Andes Mountains

Andes Mountains

If you are looking for more than culture and science, exploring the Andes to the east is a great way to visit Santiago. One of the best way to explore the area is on horseback, with “arrieros” or local cowboys. They take you to stunning vistas. All along the way, you’ll see the unique flora and fauna that the Andes have to offer. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to take in the Chilean condors soaring above. As an added bonus, you’ll tour one of the wineries of the mountain range.

This just scratches the surface of all of the fantastic ways to see Santiago. If you are ready to venture into the heart of South America, schedule a consultation. We will work together to plan the most immersive trip to Santiago, Chile.

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