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Explore The Unique Side Of Poland

Updated: Apr 17

Poland is known for many different reasons. Travelers flock to Poland to learn about history, culture, and to see the colorful building scattered through the cities. However, this beautiful, welcoming country also offers multiple unique experiences for visitors. These astonishing sites and attractions will make any type of traveler want to add Poland to their list, especially Krakow!

You are most likely wondering what could possibly be so unique in Poland and where is the best place for a traveler to start a Polish adventure? The best place to start is by enjoying buildings; here is a list of three breathtaking pieces of architecture that are all within walking distance of one another.

Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland
Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle

The Wawel Castle always finds its way on a list of unique Polish destinations because it is truly one of a kind. This castle was the home of many kings and queens until after the 1600s. Now it is one of the main focuses of the city. This bountiful build can be described as a mix of gothic, renaissance, and ornate architecture. This castle was also used as a military hospital and a place for soldiers to retreat for safety. This is a great place to submerge yourself in Polish history while also being able to explore a real life castle.

Barbican, Warsaw, Poland
The Barbican

The Barbican

The Barbican is unique because it is the last gatehouse of the Medieval fortifications that were all over the city. This force of a building has been able to fend off multiple armies throughout history. Today, it is a great place to catch a theater production or an immersive art show. The Barbican is the ideal place to visit for any military history buff.

St. Florian's Gate, Krakow, Poland
St. Florian's Gate

St. Florian's Gate

Lastly, another unique building to enjoy is the St. Florian's Gate. This tower is what visitors pass through to get to the old town to enjoy reenactments of Polish history and listen to oral stories of lost and won battles. When you walk through, make sure to listen for buskers playing everything from highlander folk to Dylan-esque country music. Stones tunnels like this are a great way to learn about Polish culture.

There are unlimited unique places to visit in Poland. While Krakow offers travelers a great deal of them, many other Polish cities have their own architecture to share. Schedule a consultation to plan your trip.

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