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Explore one of the Undiscovered Outdoor Paradise

New Zealand is a combination of two small islands in the southern hemisphere. It is made up of the North and South islands. The South Island is known for its stunning views and activities outdoors. There is a way to keep yourself busy. Many cities are full of outdoor activities, but none are so quintessentially New Zealand as Christchurch. From surfing and cycling to riverside eateries and rooftop bars, there is no lack of ways to spend time outdoors.

New Brighton Pier, Christchurch, New Zealand
New Brighton Pier


Some of the top destinations for surfing in New Zealand are off the coast of Christchurch. The city has several beaches to visit, one being the New Brighton Pier. There are endless breaks along almost the entirety of the enormous beach. The waves depend on the conditions but are always rideable, especially between mid to high tide. There is also a great photo opportunity at the Pier. The second surf beach is Sumner. This beach is the best of both worlds. It is a great spot to be in the water as well as explore the surrounding village. For beginners, there are surfing lessons at Stoke St., where the gentle waves are perfect to learn. Further down the beach, the other points are Mussel Rock and Break Water. The waves here are, overall, gentler spots that are great for longboarding. If you are dying for great surf beaches for people of all skill levels, Christchurch is the place for you.

Bottle Lake Forest Park, Christchurch, New Zealand
Bottle Lake Forest Park

Mountain Biking

There are numerous trails and parks that call Christchurch home. One of the best parks is Christchurch Adventure Park is the perfect place to ride no matter what level you are. There are 44 trails with endless miles winding through the park. The trails are great for all levels. The Loess Rider Trail teaches new riders essential skills especially turns. And it allows advanced riders to go full tilt and really embrace the difficulty of the trail. The other great place for beginners to learn to ride is Bottle Lake Forest Park. This park doubles as both hiking and biking trails. There are two main loops that trekkers can take, an inner six-mile loop and, an outer ten-mile loop. One of the most unique things about these trails is that they are ever-changing due to the fact that it is a working forest with new trees being planted and others being harvested every month.

Christchurch Cityscape, New Zealand
Christchurch Cityscape

Rooftop Bars

One of the best places to enjoy Christchurch is from above. The rooftop bar scene is unlike any other. One of the hottest spots in all of Christchurch is the Pink Lady. This restaurant/bar sits on the seventh story of the Muse Hotel. In addition to the 360 views of the whole city, the quick bites and cocktails are some of the best in the city. The other must-visit rooftop bar is Mr. Brightside. One of the most amazing things about the bar is their motto, ‘Always look on the bright side of life.’ This motto sets the tone for the interior and the mood of the bar. The view from the bar is perfect for people watching over the busy streets. These bars are the perfect way to experience the true culture of Christchurch.

There are endless options to immerse yourself in the South Island of New Zealand, from Christchurch to Arthur’s Pass to even historic Greymouth. Schedule a consultation with me to understand everything that the stunning South Island has to offer. There is more to find and explore all across the island.

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