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Don’t Travel Without These 4 Things!

Updated: Apr 17

It goes without saying that I love to travel and that I travel pretty frequently. The most anxiety-ridden part of traveling can often be the packing. I have created a routine with my travel essentials that I cannot travel without to combat this.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have been a game-changer in my life. A flight attendant friend introduced them to me several years back as she had a tight turnaround for work. She had pre-packed a cube, so it was all ready for her when she returned from work. I have since picked up the habit because it keeps my clothes organized in my suitcase, and I can unpack them as needed. This also helps if you have packed for your companion in the same bag. Your clothes are separated for ease of use once you get to your destination.

Travel Adapter

This is always in my suitcase even if I am not traveling to a location with different travel requirements. The one that I have is almost ten years old and still going strong. As times have changed, I have added a few additions: European plugs with USB ports for phones and compatible cameras. I have also added an extension cord to the mix. I can plug in my adapter with my extension cord plugged in. This gives me multiple outlets with only one adapter. This has me covered for 99% of situations.

Electronics Go Bag - Battery Pack

I carry this with me everywhere, from traveling to my daily errands. It includes my cell phone, watch, battery pack, and computer charger. This may seem a bit excessive, but it has never failed me. I have even made a few friends in coffee shops where their batteries were running low, and I had a cord that would help them. In addition to the go bag, I keep a battery pack in my travel bag. You never know when you won’t have access to an outlet and will rely on the power of a battery pack. My favorite is the Goal Zero Sherpa 100. It is the largest battery pack that is allowed to fly on a plane and, in a pinch, can charge both my computer and phone simultaneously.

Medicine Go Bag (First Aid Kit)

If you are anything like me, you can be a bit accident-prone, and that is why I never go anywhere without my Medicine Go Bag. It can include anything from headache medicine for long hours of travel, allergy medicine when changing climates and pollen, pain relievers for muscle soreness, and even the one thing that people hate to talk about but often happens when traveling Imodium AD. I also have a small bag of a variety of sizes of bandages and Anti-Biotic Ointment. This bag has come in handy on every trip I have been on and is a must-have for any future travel.

These tips are what I use to prevent stress when leading up to traveling. Not sure where you want to travel to, but know you want to go somewhere, schedule a consultation to plan your next dream vacation. You’ll have everything you need to explore the world.


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