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Don’t Miss These Edinburgh Destinations

Updated: Apr 17

Winding through the streets on a dreary day may not be your ideal vacation, but don't let that detour you from planning a wonderful trip to Edinburgh. This capital of Scotland is a land where history comes to life, and castles are perched on dormant volcanoes. This week we will dive into the top sites of Edinburgh, New and Old City.

Edinburgh Castle, scotland
Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

At this fantastic spot, you can learn about the history and wars fought there in the northern part of the island. You will also have the chance to view the crown jewels. Wander through this great historic site at your own pace to gain the entire experience.

Arthur's Seat, edinburgh castle, scotland
Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat

Atop the dormant volcano, there are stunning city views and sunrise. Just a short hike to the top, there is no better view of the city than those from Arthur's Seat. As you climb the mountain, you can follow one of the many trails to the beautiful destination.

St. Andrew Square, Scotland
St. Andrew Square

St. Andrew Square

A hub of life in New Town, it is home to many restaurants, pubs, and designer shops. St. Andrew Square is a public garden where you can enjoy a beautiful day. At one end of the park, you'll see the Dundas Mansion.

Edinburgh Dungeon, Scotland
Edinburgh Dungeon

Edinburgh Dungeon

A darker side of the history of Edinburgh is the Edinburgh Dungeon. You'll learn about the dreadful history of the city, the impact that the plague had on the town, and even face a trial. In this exhibit, you'll take part in evading famous murders. After dark, this attraction has an adult-only show, so this is an excellent option for a spooky time.

Scotch Whisky, Scotland
Scotch Whisky

Scotch Whisky Experience

A trip to Scotland wouldn't be a successful one if there weren't a scotch whisky experience. You'll learn about the distillery process. You'll learn about Scotch Whisky's myths and turn any first-time taster into a lover. On tour, you'll sample single malts to gain the entire experience.

Now that you've seen an overview of what Edinburgh has to offer, schedule a consultation to book your trip.

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