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Best of Delhi

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

India is a vast country with beautiful landscapes, extraordinary architecture, and friendly locals. When planning a trip to India, it can be hard to pinpoint the best place to visit. However, the best part about India is everywhere you pick will have something for everyone.

Astronomical observatory Jantar Mantar in Delhi , India
Astronomical Observatory at Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

A unique attraction to visit is Jantar Mantar in Delhi. This building is home to architectural astronomy instruments. Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur built the building. Singh is noted to have had revised the calendar as we know it today. The observatory's primary purpose was to compile astronomical tables and predict the times and movements of the sun, moon, and planets. Today we consider all of these sciences to be an essential part of astronomy.

Muhammad Shah Sayyid Tomb at Lodhi Garden, Delhi, India
Muhammad Shah Sayyid Tomb at Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden

Another great attraction to enjoy is Lodhi Garden. This garden is a city park in New Dehli that spreads over 90 acres. It contains Mohammed Shah's Tomb, Tomb of Sikandar Lodi, Shisha Gumbad, and Bara Gumbad. Inside the park is some of the architectural works of the 15th century by Lodis, who ruled parts of northern India and Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province until 1526.

Purses at Dilli Haat INA , Delhi, India
Purses at Dilli Haat INA

Dilli Haat INA

Lastly, take the time to visit Dilli Haat INA. Dilli Haat INA is an open-air market that offers tourists local spices, furniture, and tapestries. It is a permeant market, but the vendors change regularly. Dilli Haat INA also offers shows, an exhibition hall, and handicrafts. This place has something for everyone.

If you are not sure where to go but want to experience the rich history, beautiful sites, and incredible culture India is the place to do. There is something for everyone to enjoy and a souvenir for everyone to bring home. It is truly an ideal travel spot. Schedule a consultation today to start planning your visit to this amazing city.

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