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A Great Family-Friendly Vacation Experience at the Story Museum!

Updated: Apr 17

Finding a wonderful vacation activity for everyone in your family can be difficult. From ensuring that ages 2 to 92 all enjoy the day add a level of complexity to planning a trip. Luckily there is just the perfect place for your family of all ages. That place is Oxford, England. You may know a thing or two about Oxford. The main one is probably the University of Oxford, the oldest English-speaking university, or the historical beauty that royalty and scholars have enjoyed since the 9th century. But there is way more to this iconic town than universities and royalty. One of the places that I enjoy the most is the Story Museum. One of the most amazing things about this museum is that it allows you to view the world from an entirely new perspective.

Fairy tales, childrens books

The Story Museum transports you to a whole other world. As you enter the museum, there are several rooms and exhibits that instill magic in readers, young and old. There is a Small Worlds room filled with nursery rhymes, picture books, and even traditional tales for the very young readers. This will entertain those tiny tots and give them an experience they will not forget. This room does require a separate ticket, so it is essential to plan for this experience.

For those slightly older readers, the first room that you come to in the museum is known as the Portal. It is an introduction to the experience of the Story Museum. Here you'll meet your Story Guide who explains what to expect in the coming rooms, the tools you'll need for the experience, and even your very own magic wand. One of the most incredible rooms is the Whispering Wood. Here trees and the forest come to life. They reveal their secrets and tell their stories to those willing to listen. You'll learn traditional folk tales, the history of stories, and tales from all around the world.

The next room is the Treasure Chamber. This particular room houses a rotating exhibit that features temporary exhibitions. What is so remarkable about this room is that it is bound to surprise you and show you a unique display that will open your eyes to a new story. After the Treasure Chamber, you'll board the Story Craft and enter the City of Stories. In this room, you'll be transported through thousands of years of the history of stories in Oxford and then to ancient myths and classics of children's literature enjoyed worldwide. Some of the more notable names explored are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and The Lord of the Rings.

The last and possibly my favorite room is The Enchanted Library. This room immerses you into the world of literature. Here you will be able to walk through the Hundred Acre Woods, go through the Wardrobe to Narnia, and so much more. The walls are lined with the history of children's books and will guide you from one literary world to the next. This interactive room will keep your children, and quite possibly yourself entertained for quite some time.

This is probably the highlight of the city of Oxford that will entertain your family no matter what age you decide to travel. Now that you know of this hidden gem in Oxford let's plan the rest of your trip. Schedule a consultation to plan your perfect trip to England.

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