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You're a Journeyer!
Eiffel Tower Paris

Paris, France

You are a true problem solver, dependable, always out for more knowledge, and super skillful!

The way you like to travel is exactly what you need to escape from your daily bustling lifestyle! Since you're one to help out voluntarily wherever you find yourself, you like to get out on a road trip. Enjoying a slow and steady journey.  Stoping somewhere along the line for fishing or simply being outdoors to enjoy a beautiful view and ambiance. You allow your kids to roam and explore the beauty of nature, in open spaces where no one will question their way of fun.  


You like to get out of town with a camper or RV at your own pace.  Most of the time, your first choice would be to stop at hotels on your way. The best part of your travel experiences is when you gather with your family in a restaurant, the movies, arcades, or theme parks, and a good store! You'd most definitely purchase a simple yet valuable souvenir for you to keep and remember the trip! You like to do your own research but are always open and mindful to look out for tour guides to help you plan your itinerary for long-distance trips. 



It won't be difficult to find suitable places that best fit your personality type! 

Here are some locations: Paris, London, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands.

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