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You're a Venturer!

Torres Del Paine, Chile

What if we told you, we already know your travel personality? Surprised?

We know you're always on the lookout for the best and most peaceful spots, willing to take small risks to satisfy and feed your mind and soul with great unknown adventures.


You're outgoing and comfortable with the small circle of your close friends and family. You feel content in your own skin and not afraid to be yourself around them. 

You're passionate about exploration and visiting new paths and places.


If we could use two words to explain your personality it's observant and fun. 


You're observant, not only with vision but with every sense. The way you capture, notice and appreciate things allows you to visit places that don't necessarily have the appeal in other people's eyes. You see 'fun' in a whole different aspect, and you CREATE fun. Your heightened sensory ability takes in everything from the air, the temperature, the sounds, the view, up to how the wind feels on your skin. 


You're always wondering and excited about how each experience will feel before you begin. Canoeing in a secluded stream in the quiet nature or riding your bike with your best friends on a unique path makes you feel like you own the world! 

Won't be surprised if you're already smiling while reading this. It's who you are! Spontaneous, confident, and fun-loving.


To add to it, it's worthy to note that despite your natural and fun-loving spirit, you crave freedom. You desire to have experiences of traveling with a personal tour guide leading you in a unique culture and places instead of following a group tour. You want to choose where you want to go and follow your heart and body.


You want to see the uncommon destinations and visit less popular sights. You're original and brave. 


A born venturer you are!

Where will you venture to next?


Some locations that will give you a match of your personality are: 

Machu Picchu, South Africa, Vietnam, Greek Islands (Mykonos)

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