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 You're a Sightseer!
Image by Eva Dang

London, England

Do you feel happy and complete when you successfully visit all the top tourist attractions? You feel happy to say "I was here!"


Your personality is gentle, casual, and always happy to contribute wherever you are. You like to stay organized and always joyful!


Your calm personality is why you like to follow an itinerary and go on a group tour! You like to have everything planned out and organized and even when you're traveling alone or without a tour guide, you'd still get by perfectly fine, managing to get to each spot at the perfect time! You love taking pictures and you like to keep cute souvenirs as memorabilia. 


Meeting new and different people with similar interests is note-worthy for you, and most times, friendships you made on a cruise last for years! 


You make a very good travel companion and you love the company of your friends and family. 


Consider yourself lucky because we know just the places that will satisfy you!

Locations: Aruba, St. Martin, Athens, London, Paris will be just perfect for you.

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