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Top 5 Travel Gadgets For your Trip

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Traveling has its ups and downs, but the right gadgets make it all the better. There are so many different gadgets that can take your trip to the next level. My top 5 travel gadgets are:

Portable Charger on suitcase
Portable Charger

Goal Zero Portable Charger

Goal Zero has been my go-to for portable chargers for several years now. They make the most prominent power bank that TSA allows. I am able to recharge my laptop, iPhone, and tablet all in one charge. I have even powered USB fans all night long in extremely hot settings to keep me cool. This is a great way never to lose a charge and to have all the power you'll need at your fingertips.

Universal Adapter
Universal Adapter

Universal Adapter

Since my first ever trip abroad, I've used a Universal Adapter. This allowed me to use the same adapter no matter which country I was visiting. Though times have changed a lot since my first trip, I still always bring along that same adapter. However, I have added another Adapter to my travel lineup. I now also use the Zendure Passport II Pro Travel Adapter. This is a step up from my original adapter. It has USB and USB C ports and a fast charge feature, allowing six devices to be used simultaneously. This is much more powerful and is designed to fit any lifestyle.

Handheld GPS on map
Handheld GPS

Handheld GPS

This is an excellent tool for anyone going further off the grid. I originally picked mine up when I knew there wasn't any cell phone services, but I quickly learned that it is a fantastic tool to use while traveling. I have found the best luck with Garmin trackers. I recently upgraded to the GPSMAP 66i. One of the great things with this tool is that you gain all the navigation tools, the ability to send and receive messages to pre-assigned numbers, access weather forecasts, and even call for help (with the subscription plan). There is also quite an impressive battery life (200 hours in power save mode), 16 GB of memory, and Wi-Fi connectivity as additional features.

TSA Approved Lock on suitcase
TSA Approved Lock

TSA Fingerprint Padlock

A TSA-approved lock is a great way to keep your luggage secure while traveling. It can sometimes be a hassle because you must remember your combination and line the numbers up just right, but this fingerprint lock is a complete game-changer. This TSA Fingerprint Padlock will store up to five different fingerprints and a digital combination on the back in an emergency. This perfect little lock will keep your belonging secured in your bag during your travels.

Woman on plane with blanket

A Portable Travel Blanket

If you've ever had to travel at night or had a long layover, you realize the importance of a blanket. The Gravel Layover Travel Blanket is a super lightweight and packable blanket with pockets for your feet, a Kangaroo Pocket for your essential documents, a let pouch, and an insulated foot pouch. Pair this with a Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow for one of the most amazing travel experiences of your life.

Now that you have all of the gadgets for a successful trip schedule a consultation to plan the best trip with all of the best gadgets. If you have any must-travel gadgets, add them in the comments below to share with fellow travelers.

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