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You're a Pioneer!
Image by LA khai-way

Rhodes, Greece

Pioneer is defined as "a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area."


Your spirit is always thirsty for something that's out of the ordinary. You're not into extreme sports or sleeping under the stars. But instead, you're interested in the little hidden bookstore or coffee shop. If you go to Italy, you might drop by the tourist spots to take pictures, but the enchanted experience you feel and savor would be on the outskirts of town. Wanting to feel what it's like to live life as a true Italian. You're interested in finding the different aspects and perspectives of the destination. 


A Pioneer is always out for a more unique and interesting experience that doesn't require exhausting physical acts. Preferring something that provides comfort, enjoyment, and familiarity. 


Pioneers are usually great listeners and great friends. They hear and speak of valuable opinions when they're actively speaking their minds. 


Creative. Idealist. Perceptive. These are the three main traits of a Pioneer. 


Pioneers are what makes travel destinations popular with their new experiences, they're the pioneer for other travelers to experience the same enjoyment they did. Whether it's with products, services, destinations, flights, attractions, etc. 


Always on the lookout for places outside the guidebook, you'd go to places with historical values and dig deeper into the story. You'd do your research and imagine the events in your head. A true idealist, and creative!


Thinking about your next travel destination? Here are some locations that fit your personality!


Locations: Northern Ireland, China, Argentina, Rhodes

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